Disco & Diva’s hosted by Shirley Q. Liquor

It has been sometime since we have had a good retro party.  Angles in Oklahoma City is known for its annual Studio 54 Party but this year it may have quite the twist… Shirley Q. Liquor will be in OKC at Angles Saturday, April 4th and at Majestic in Tulsa on Friday the 3rd.  The funny diva will show off 4 other divas with lots of that 70’s Disco music.  Break out your big wigs and bell bottoms this event should be fun and only ten bucks to get in if it does not sell out too soon.  Majestic is 18 and up while Angles is 21 and up.

Here’s my favorite part:  Jager dudes will be handing out goodies.  Hmm Jager dudes.  That sounds kind of hot,  There will be a cash prize for the best dressed.  Now I just have to figure out what I can dust off out of my closet.

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