Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Theme Party

Krave Nightclub centered on the actual strip in Las Vegas is hosting a hot theme party this Saturday.  Saturday, July 25, will be the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell theme party where everyone can dress up in military uniforms and the Go-Go dancers will be in military attire or shall I say wearing next-to-nothing in something that resembles it.

This is a great theme party because it draws attention to the battle we are fighting for gays and lesbians to be able to have a career in the military just like anyone else.  Each U.S. Citizen should be treated like the next human no matter what the sexual orientation they were born with.

This is your chance to play GI Joe or GI Jane out on the dancefloor this weekend at Krave and dance to the beats of DJ Morningstar.  Morningstar plays every Saturday nights at Krave and is the best DJ in Vegas.  He also plays in West Hollywood at club Eleven on Thursdays for the My House night.

No Cover For Locals Before 1AM.  You out of town queens better fork out some money because in Vegas you pay 20 to 25 bucks at the door (for some reason).  I still do not know why they bend over the out of town people at the door at the Vegas clubs.  Believe me the locals want some fresh meat and not want to have to look at the same locals all the time.  I wonder how many non-locals leave and never go inside because of this at 8 1/2, Piranha, or Krave.

VIP Table service is available at this club if you call 702-677-1740.  This is one place where they have the most fabulous VIP tables and cabanas.

If you are a local or just happen to be in Vegas this weekend make sure you do not miss the Sunkissed Lgbt pool party at the Luxor.  This Sunday the members of CRUSH and Celebrity DJ’s Perry Twins Host Sunkissed at Luxor on Sunday July 19th.  This is a SunDay Funday for our Family!

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