Dirty Elephants

Let me introduce you to Elephant. I had the pleasure of meeting these twins back at the Winter Party in Miami earlier this year. I started talking to them and they were telling me of their performance earlier in the evening. They happen to be two gay twins who rap and yeah they are both pretty sexy. According to their video they are hung as well. We will have to see for ourselves!

The first video is from a song they were promoting earlier this year called Notorious H.I.V.

The second video is their latest release Queer Nation. Click below to see this one. We would love to catch them somewhere to see them perform live. If you have let us know below!

Btw another song that I first thought of when someone told me about their HIV song was this one “My Dick”. I have heard it in many dancer bars. It is Micky Avalon “My Dick”. Here it is…
Probably should not mention these lyris on this PG-13 site haha. but here are some:
“my dick got the vip
your dick got the hiv”

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