Fake Dicks and Piss to Pass Drug Tests

drugtest dongs fake pissPeople across the world are getting smarter when it comes to drug testing for employers by using fake penises and synthetic urine. This trend comes as more are moving away from saliva testing in favor of urine because it is more reliable.

Individuals need to be clean for 72 hours to give a drug free urine sample. That is unless you have a fake dick and piss then you can do whatever you want (we hope).

These prosthetic penises contain a reservoir that can hold at least 60 ml of synthetic urine. The reservoir is a squeeze bottle with a syringe at the end of it, all of which is covered by a prosthetic dick. This is then strapped onto a man’s back and heat pads are used to keep the urine at body temperature.

fake piss fake penisesRichard Cusick, Associate Publisher of High Times Magazine, estimates the “drug test solutions (beat the test)” industry to be worth 10 percent of the $6 billion drug testing industry. This is making drug testing on mining sites even more complex. Products used to beat the compulsory tests can be purchased online for as little as $35 for a starter dick, and up to $320 for a sophisticated kit made up of strap on penises, heat pads, sachets of fake urine, and additives to make the pH levels and color look like real urine.

The fake penises on the market now are the Whizzinator, Sweet Pee, and Monkey Dong. The website passmydrugtest.com.au noticed a steady increase in sales over the past 12 months thanks to the legalization of cannabis in regions around the world.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DLS) reported an increase in synthetic urine usage in 2015. Scientific Director of Toxicology, Carl Linden from the DLS said, “We were a little bit amazed to see the increased level of synthetic urine usage as it reduced substantially last few years after we found a method to identify it in 2010.” Linden puts the increase down to improvements in undetectable formulas in new products. The undetectable formula is believed to be synthetic creatinine that works in the same way organic creatinine does. Creatinine is a protein and by-product of muscle tissue breakdown found in pee.

It may not be illegal to do this so if you can hope that the test does not find out you used fake urine then why not? Of course, states may find a way to make this illegal if they already have not.

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