Fort Lauderdale Scene has Living Rooms, Voodoos, but not as Naughty as it used to be

naked girl voodoo lounge daisydIt had been almost a year since we came through Fort Lauderdale to check out the bars and things are about the same as the February visit. Friday nights seem to be the best night to go out if you like to go dancing and like ultra crowded places. The Living Room nightclub off the Los Olas Riverwalk is the place to be. They have drag performances on Fridays and start out with pretty lounge-y music then the music gets going to the side of more bearable. It was good to see T.P. Lords performing again and see the shirtless shot boys and bartenders who had glowed away with painted bodies.

There was a show at Bill’s Filling Station on Saturday night with Ultra Nate which really put on a good performance and sung live. Always nice to see someone who is not lip syncing (Britney, meh) and can actually get her voice out there to her live audience. She looked killer in her outfit and diva-ed out her hit songs to the crowd. I did not stay there long afterwards because the crowd was pretty much bears and a little on the older side but I did enjoy the music and the strong drinks and free shots from Absolut Vodka. I see Absolut out at more clubs doing promotions than any other vodka or beverage brand so I continue to support them when I have a Vodka Red Bull in hand. Bill’s Filling station was a nice club with a good sized dance floor and located in Wilton Manors.

TP Lords twink boyWe had heard it was a gay night over at Voodoo Lounge on Saturdays now but it was pretty lame. They had go-go dancers dancing away on the stage but they were a little beefy for me. The drinks are hella expensive and the barbacks have an attitude. They were filming some D-List looking show in the lounge area with a VH-1 crew. Too bad there was not much of a crowd out there Saturday night it could have been more fun.

Saturday night we just had to bar hop it on over to Johnnies where they have all the twink dancers but it seemed dead as well. I really was starting to feel like I was in a ghost town for a minute unless your straight the gays did not get out to support their clubs as much. The door guy or security guy at Johnnies was a total jerk to people that will run people off and make them never come back. The drinks were strong but it was lacking people and boys.

twink-dancerWhere are the boys in Ft. Lauderdale these days? I guess all the twinks live in Orlando now because we know they certainly do not live in Miami.

The coolest thing I saw while I was in town was a tour of the Route 66 Nightclub built by the guy who opened up Crowbar and has opened up clubs across the U.S. It has been sold to new owners so they do not have the weekly Sunday night pool and T-dance parties anymore but they certainly still have a cute bartender out there by the pool serving things up. His name is Lynden. I was impressed by the insides of the Route 66 club where it is named from the adventures of the Crowbar owner. The bar inside has a glass coating where it has hotel keys, bags or something resembling drugs that were taken on this journey haha, all kinds of things even included a cremated bag of the now deceased partner of the Crowbar in Miami who worked the door. Vito who was such a nice guy who I was lucky to meet back in the big club Salvation days. You know the club where everyone was sweating, had their shirts off, and could probably not speak a sentence they were so fucked up.

Ultra Nate sings Live at Bill's Filling Station

Allegra is an event thrown every so often at the Route 66 and will be a New Years Day party and one on January 14th I believe is what we were told by the bartender. You can then check out this unique club for yourself and see all the goodies in the glass case at the bar.
Sundays are the T-Dance at Sea Monster where it starts early but people do not show up until a few hours after the doors open. The party then dies down around 10 or so and people walk it on over to the Voodoo Lounge where you will see some fabulous drag performances headlined by Daisy Deadpeddles . She performs the most amazing Madonna. Sea Monster was closed down for awhile but it is back and roaring. Voodoo Lounge was pretty busy Sunday but not as busy as I had remembered it a few years back. You are still able to get VIP and get bottle service and have front row seating to the drag queens performing which I love about that place. Then go dance in the white room.

Performer at Living room nightclub Friday nights in Fort Lauderdale
Route66 Memorabilia
Memorabilia found along the travels of Crowbar founder during his Route 66 journey. Displayed at Route 66 Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale.

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