Free Entry, VIP Table, and Champagne for your Birthday!

johnblairbirthdayfreeBirthdays are normally a time to be celebrated as another year comes by especially if you’re just turning 21 and can drink for the first time. You just have to decide if you want to really go out in a big way with a group of friends or do it in a Netflix and Chill kind of way at home. If you really want to go hard we found a way to do it free. It’s your birthday it should be free right?!? But this is the ultimate party for your birthday.

According to a post from Justin Luke of Boiparty on Facebook his weekly event JB Saturdays along with Legendary Party Promoter John Blair are offering an amazing free package at no cost. This sounds too good to be true but it’s not a scam. The only catch is that you need a party of 10 or more and the event is in NYC only once a week.

fuckboynycThis is a huge venue that is the biggest event in the city that night for gays called JB Saturdays (formerly ViVA Saturdays). Admission to this weekly night at 605 West 48th Street in NYC is normally priced at $20 a person without a membership card. They feature international DJ’s such as DJ Paulo and DJ Tracy Young that can cost you $100 a night at some circuit events.

johnblairsaturdaysDo you have a birthday coming up? I can get you and all of your friends into JB Saturdays for free!
Plus two free drinks for you and each of your guests.
PLUS a VIP table and free champagne bottle service.
Just hit me up and let’s start planning your night wink emoticon

Just hit up Boiparty or email for more info. Most of all… Happy Birthday!

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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