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Looking for a new BF or a hook-up for the New Year? Looking for a couple to hang out with? Want to find someone close to you or do you simply want to check out some horny guys, see their photos and think about it for a while? Sounds like you need to find a hook up site and the good news is, there are plenty of them around.

These days you are not stuck with just good old Gaydar, though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I’ve been a member for years and have met some great guys through it. You don’t have to wade through Adult Friend Finder, though that works too, and you’re not stuck with sites that are clunky and hard to use. The world is your hook up oyster, at least the virtual world is. Whether you then make that world real is up to you (always check the advice about actually meeting guys in person), but while you’re looking for mister Right or a couple of ‘will do for tonight’ guys, you can have great fun.

I came across a new one on me, and this site caught my eye for various reasons. First of all the intro is neat and swish; it runs in an animated player where this guy actually says hi, chats to you, talks you through the process, and you feel like you’ve hit on something up to date and clever. Which you have. And that bodes well for what is to come. It was easy to work through this introduction, step by step. Starting off with who you want to find, then where, and that ‘where’ quickly gets very detailed. Then it’s on to you, and there are only a couple of basic questions here, your age and what name you want to be known by. Put a valid email address at the end of the process and you have a password emailed to you immediately. This is all free. I was in the members’ area within a minute.

And once there I found I could carry on and make a profile, add pics and, of course, the more information you put in the more hits you will get back. As always with these sites, be honest so as to avoid disappointment all round.

Ok, that done. ManPlay then continued in a more traditional vein. Things ran by searches and matches. The site will match you up instantly with guys depending on your (honest) details. Or you can search through the database. There were over 52,000 members on line when I was in the site, so you’ve got plenty of guys to hook up with. But, being more specific, you can search using the basic options on the home page and find guys within certain distances of where you are. I tried this and, apart from a pop-up for Flirt4Free opening (which was annoying) found the process quick and rewarding. Loads of sexy guys came up, with basic pics and links to their profiles and other, hopefully hornier, pics etc. And this is where you have to star to pay.

To fully use any hook up site you’re going to have to pay, and many of them have various kinds of membership, Example: here at ManPlay you could get a silver membership with the basic functions you will need to meet up online and get started, for three days, one month or three months, from $1.95 for the trial up to $19.98 for the three months. Or you could go for gold and get all the site’s functions available for $34.95 a month, with discounts if you sign up for longer. Standard rates, and to be expected.

But there are many more and you only need to do a quick search online to find the likes of,, with its personals section, and for only three examples. Just try not to spend all you time looking for the right site, you’re going to want to put aside time to search a couple and find the right guy.

Gay hookup APPs include the new Manhunt App, Adam 4 Adam’s GPS based app, Scout, and of course GRINDR.

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