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You know there is a reason we cant put that P-word in the title it is because of our beautiful corporate “word” we have on the right side but you can guess what that word is. It is hard to run a gay blog and not say the Pee Pee word and these pics are almost too much fun for our blog but hey in London they do not mess around on Thursdays at the G-A-Y club. It is always my favorite treat to visit this huge London nightclub and as you can see these boys know how to take it off one night a week at least.

As I walked inside the nightclub I was stalked by a camera and a microphone and had no idea they were taping so there is no telling where that will be… I did not expect the papparazi out on a Thursday night. It brings in part of the fun of the whole event on Thursdays though. The club seems to have promoters who they send out to get in their Thursday night contestants whether you are hot or not they probably get commissions or something when someone goes up for the contest to entertain the thousands in the crowd. Yes, it is busy on a Thursday night and if you are not going for the amateur contest of buns and loose nuggets then you can have fun just dancing the night away… just like any night.

Not sure what I thought about the judges. They seemed to say the typical stuff you have heard all before but seemed a little mean on some of the contestants and then seemed too nice to some. I think the French boy who entered the contest was one of the hottest but they told him he needed to eat… but the winner could have lost some weight in my opinion he seemed hot and blond and very ken dollish but could have loosed a roll. I loved how everyone in the contest seemed to be from out of town on Holiday there for there one night of embarrasement or fun if you wish. Here are some pics of the event.  There was a deaf boy, a buddy holly slash dough boy, ken doll, French tourists (who happened to be boyfriends), and your typical stripper boys who probably enter contests in every city and not to mention there was a fabulous dog on stage.

Update on this post- I just read that the winner gets £100 and grand prize winner gets £1000.  Boys you may be better off going this route and doing the real thing or trying out.  If you wish to be part of the idol showing for the night then you can  text 07769 792 443 or talk to the cute kid at the door.

Read more about G-A-Y at the Heaven Nightclub.

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