Gays being entrapped using Grindr in Egypt

grideregyptAnd you wonder why we want to use alternative or stage names on Facebook? Right now Grindr is sending out warning messages when you sign in to alert Egyptian users that entrapment is going on and that police officers are posing as hookups. This comes not long after the social hookup app was under criticism over their exact location pinpointing if you break into the code of their online data knowing what room you are in.

Six men have been sentenced by an Egyptian court to two years in prison with hard labor for allegedly advertising their apartment on Facebook for men to have sex with each other for a fee of $200 per night, reports the state-owned Egyptian news site Ahram Online based on information from “a judicial source.”

warningtogaysThe Egyptian government is apparently widening its crackdown on LGBT rights. Since October, around 80 people are known to have been arrested on allegations of homosexuality, including eight men who are due in court on Saturday for appearing in a video that shows a couple of men exchanging rings that made headlines throughout the Arabic press as a “gay wedding.”

Facebook which started deleting profiles of drag queens or users with names in the the LGBT community that did not match with their real id is under heavy backlash. Users are starting to switch over to ELLO and other networks so usernames or other names can be used. Google plus also had this problem but they finally gave in to let you use any name you wish. We hope that Facebook changes the mind soon.

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