Grindr’s New Emojis are Scandalous #sexmojis

Grindr’s has released their brand-new custom emojis and they are a bit shocking at first. We are not sure if these will turn into more of an aggravation with the app or make it more playful and scandalous. Some are into Grindr’s new set of custom emojis but it is getting mixed reviews and some are deleting the app and seeking other apps such as Hornet.

Some of the emojis are hilarious as they have an “It’s Raining Men” emoji with Speedo-clad guys death-dropping from a cloud. A “Dead” emoji with “me” carved into a gravestone. Wow.

An oddly sinister voodoo doll emoji assuming it’s a perfect response to all those faceless Hi’s.

There are a few included that may be helpful with hookups when you do not want to type OMW you can just send the emoji for it.

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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