Halloween and New Years 2010 are coming…Where will you be?

Halloween and New Years are some of the biggest parties left out of the year but when you think about it this year should be a HUGE new years.  It should be like in 1999 when it hit 2000 or this decade that is ending of 2009 turning into 2010.  So we definitely need to party like its 2009 to have that better life in 2010 right?

We will be looking over every party site and taking emails from party promoters to find out what the BEST new years party will be this year.  Judging from last year it may be in Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, or maybe in Europe.  We will let you know soon.  We are the most highly trafficted gay site online for New Years information the past 3 years!  So we know we should do our homework!

Looking at some party calenders I see that Masterbeat may be doing some New Years shows.  But you would think something big should happen for 2010 such as Lady Gaga or Kristine W singing in the new year somewhere.  Maybe somewhere in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.  The P-House in Orlando had some shows last year that were great out by the pool area.

Halloween 2009-

We recommend the block party the weekend before Halloween normally off of Cedar Springs and Oaklawn in Dallas, TX.  West Hollywood also has a huge block party but its just too many people and the bars are too small to pack everyone inside its like a riot more than it is a fun event.  Even if you are on the VIP list you still have to get through the mob to get to a table.  Or stand near a table.

That leaves us with Atlanta this year for Halloween because they moved their Pride to Halloween.  Talk about festive.  This may blow away all the other Halloween shows when Atlanta has theirs.  My votes go to Atlanta this year!

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