Hells Kitchen Gay Cowboy Bar Shut Down by Health Department

flamingsaddlesdancersA Gay cowboy bar named Flaming Saddles was shut down by the NYC’s Department of Health Monday, after an inspection revealed its kitchen was a bit too dirty. This is a hot spot located in Hell’s Kitchen that features shirtless bartenders who two-step on the bar, as well as serving dishes like “Frito Pie”. The country came to NY but was letting hot food get cold, had improper plumbing, and had a food preparation counter that was improperly constructed according to the inspection report.

The inspection racked up a total of 61 violation points with one of them being filthy flies. Sounds like they need an appearance from my hero Jon Taffer on Bar Rescue to show up! The place was a hit when it first took off at the 739 Ninth Ave location in 2011. Maybe because of its hot bar staff and not their cleanliness. It was also named NYC’s Best Gay Bar in New York Magazine’s 2012 Best of New York issue. It also has four star reviews on Yelp. Send Jon Taffer in we promise he will get that kitchen up to speed!

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