How to Get Your Butt Clean and Ready to Bottom Like A Pornstar

What if a guy that you really like has you on a date and pulls you over and wants to fuck the shit out of you. But literally he would be fucking shit out of you because you are not prepared. It’s not that you are not clean but you have not eaten right and do not feel confident you are ready. It could be stomach problems or diarrhea from taking too many aspirin the day before from a hangover.

Having sex on the fly is the best. Most people do not have planned out sex such as porn stars so in reality they are more prepared because they douche. The thing is to reduce prep time to be more comfortable and confident.bottom-supplement

Understanding how your body works will reassure you and make you feel more confident in bed. Sex is much better when you can both relax and have fun.  Read more Below:



The most important thing to know is that the rectum (where his penis goes) does not store feces. The feces are stored in the sigmoid colon until you are ready to go. So you aren’t going to shit on him during sex for the most part.

If your rectum is not clean and the condom or his cock gets dirty when having sex then you have to improve your diet.cuteyincks


You need more fiber in your diet. Fiber acts like a sponge that cleans your rectum. And if it’s clean you can catch a dick whenever you want. 

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, men are not getting enough fiber. The suggested intake is 38g per day. 

You are probably at around 16g of Fiber a day.

Do you WIPE more than 3x a day? Then you should increase your fiber intake.

To fix this you must increase two things at the same time: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Most fiber pills do not address this problem.

Soluble fiber: oatmeal, nuts, beans, apples, and blueberries

Insoluble fiber: all-bran (like Kellog’s), dates, granola, dried figs, lentils

So just remember to eat at least 38g per day so you’ll be ready when he puts you on your back.


It’s hard to believe but there is something you can buy that actually works even for those that have diarrhea problems from meds and drinking too much. We all need fiber and our bodies are simply not getting enough. Basically a bunch of bottoms got tired of shitting on their tops and got together and created fiber pills you can take so you can bottom whenever you want. And it’s got hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon.

It’s called Pure for Men – a proprietary fiber supplement that you take once or twice per day.

It comes in pill form so and you only have to “swallow” 2 a day for most.  The pills are 100% vegan blend of psyllium husk, chia and flaxseed.

They say it’s not glorified Metamucil because Metamucil only contains psyllium husk and doesn’t have the same amount of fiber per serving. Not the same thing.


Pure for Men works like a sponge going through your body so that when you go.. YOU GO. This of course reduces prep time and makes you more comfortable and confident.

And confidence is sexy.

And since most of us don’t get enough fiber in our diets this can make a difference in your overall health too.


Start with one pill per day and work yourself up. S-L-O-W-L-Y. Too much fiber at one time can make you bloat, pass gas and create unenviable digestive issues.  So if you are planning on trying Pure for Men, here are a few things you should know about taking fiber supplements.

Spread it out.

Not your legs. Your fiber intake. Spread it out throughout the day and don’t take the full dose only at night. Spread it evenly throughout the morning, afternoon and bedtime.

Take any meds at least one hour before fiber supplements or two hours after. Fiber is known to absorb certain medicines, diverting them from your body.

Lastly, drink lots of water. Taking fiber without water is like bottoming without lube. Drink at least 8 ounces of water with every dosage.


Medical experts agree: Enemas and douches are harmful. Pushing water or a mixture of water and chemicals up your butt creates a powerful reaction (accompanied by bloating and cramping) that “evacuates” everything in your lower intestinal tract.

Do enemas work? Yes, you’ll never be cleaner in there (or up there, as the case may be).

Should you do it? Never, ever put chemicals up your pipes without medical supervision. Do porn stars do it? Of course they do. And it’s not a good idea. I can recommend something even better than you’ve probably never heard of. If your rectum is so dirty that you have to hose it out, the answer isn’t a fire hydrant connection; it’s a better diet.

But how can I clean out down there?


If enemas and douches pose too great a risk (and embarrassment) for frequent use…

There is a device that will flush out fecal residue without the dangers of an enema or a douche:
The ear syringe.

Ear syringes hold about one ounce of water—enough to get the job done but far too little to remove rectal mucus or cause peristalsis and its consequent “douche dependency.” To find out more about the ear syringe, including how to use it, check out the book where this information came from, How to Bottom Like a Pornstar.

Tips on Eating: Porn star bottoms say that what they eat affects everything.  Porn stars tend to be like most guys who you see at the gym who eat lean meats and fibers and no carbs. They drink water and teas, and stay away from carbonated sodas because the last thing they want to do before a scene is eat or drink anything that would make them gassy. Besides the obvious like staying away from sodas and chalupas, nothing affects your ability to bottom on-the-go than fiber intake.

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