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jeffreysankercomdownThe big topic at this years white party was actually WHO is on stage performing and the times of the performances. Not everyone knows who is on stage and may not recognize the song that is playing. Most of us White Party regulars like to go to the official website and are so busy partying we do not have time to sit around and research it all. AT&T barely worked with data so there was no way to Shazam in Palm Springs. Alexis Jordan was displayed huge on the LED screens that were fabulous and EPIC by the way but the up and coming artists we would like to see too. One of them we thought was Kathy Griffin across the room walking out on stage (oh we kid) she was a VERY VERY hot Kathy you can guess who that was her performance was FIERCE and probably the best one. Back on topic though the site has been down since around Thursday according to several people I chatted with at the White Party. We normally rely on Jeffrey Sanker’s website to tell us WHO is performing and WHEN to show up at events. I was very disappointed that I missed Icona Pop and still have no idea when they performed it just seemed unorganized this year. No one who worked the doors or security could answer any questions. Was there a flyer we were supposed to see somewhere with times and artists? [Schedule photo from Google Cache of the site that is down]

White Party poolpartyartistWe did notice that the Twitter feed is a great place to follow although good luck getting AT&T to work for Twitter, Grindr, Shazam, or Facebook. If you get 4G you may be lucky and 3G or any data. I realize we live in a virtual age but I think maybe a schedule printed out would support some of these artists more handed out with the tickets to the party. Nothing worse than seeing an amazing performance and looking all around you to ask people who the hell it was and no one knows. Then we all forget about that artist…

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