Justin Bieber Groped on David Letterman, Bieber the DJ?

Justin Bieber is just one of those guys you love to hate but love to love as well. We noticed this David Letterman Appearance where Letterman first heckled him over his tattoo asking him if he was going to stop getting tattoos. Justin started to respond as if it were expressing himself. He quoting Madonna or Lady Gaga? Then he went on to say ey ey ey when Letterman groped him. Well Letterman was grabbing his arm with the tattoo but still it sure could have been confused for Sardusky groping to me. Letterman keep your grubby hands off my boy Bieber. It was rather funny when Justin said he was not trying to be like the 16th Chapel but he was referring to the Sistine Chapel. Letterman referred to his Canadian education which was a low blow. The Bieb’s new album Believe is expected to take over the Billboard 200 with Kenny Chesney not far behind at #2. See the video after the break below:

More Bieber Photos of his Webisodes:

Here is the Letterman Video

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