Justin Timberlake, Pink Concert Tour

A group of friends and I attended the FutureSex/LoveShow tour starring Pink and Justin Timberlake last night in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. We paid around $120 or so for the tickets off of eBay but were almost tempted to buy the barstool VIP tickets instead of the floor general admissions we ended up with. I am glad we did not for a few reasons.

The concert was fun but not as fun as I expected. The best part of the concert was Pink who most expected to not cause as big a stir as Justin Timberlake. Pink finished her set with Get this Party Started doing acrobats off of two pink bungee type props. I was amazed that Pink actually got up there and did that herself. She seemed to have more energy than Justin. I did hear that Justin just got over the flu so maybe it was that that kept him from performing his best or it could have been that his grandma was attending the concert and he had to tone some of it down.

All in all Justin played on the piano most of the time singing ballads and very slow songs that most had never heard. People who were standing in the floor area wanted to sit down and take a nap most of the concert. At one point I did sit on the floor wishing I had a seat reserved in one of the sections to sit on. Justin Timberlake should have warned people they were going to a performance that we could all bring our grandparents to and sit in chairs opposed to a “Sex Love Show” tour as it was marketed.

Bottom line: If you want to catch Justin Timberlake you should see him at a small venue not a large venue. He was at a smaller place like the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas months ago and that’s where he belongs until he can get his NSYNC or Britney Spears mojo back. There is definitely nothing sexy about his large venue concert. Pink deserves to be the headliner. Pink should be out there producing a big concert tour like Britney’s Onyx Tour or Madonna’s Confessions Tour instead of playing pop princess to Justin.

There is also a controversy surrounding the after parties from this concert tour. Justin Timberlake’s label Jive records announced recently that there has been fraudulent after parties promoted where there were claims made that Justin would make appearances, sign autographs, and/or make small vocal performances. Be aware of attending any after parties you have to pay any money to since they are probably not official. There were no club events planned around this concert in Dallas but then again I think everyone went to bed in a deep sleep after this concert date.

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