Katy Perry’s “Roar” VMA Performance similar to Madonna’s “Stick and Sweet”

madonnastickysweetThe MTV VMA’s were so much better this year than last years busted attempt at an awards show with a horrible host. The most talked about performances were Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga’s comeback, and the reunion of NSYNC or shall we say the Justin Timberlake concert. Our favorite moment was when Macklemore took home his award for “Same Love” that was an epic moment then he performed with Jennifer Hudson and brought us to tears.

madonnaropeMiley Cyrus on the other hand went a little crazy and the entire performance of hers seemed like it was not choreographed and either the sound was off or her voice was off that night. Lady Gaga also seemed to bring in a typical awards show performance or what seemed more like a magic show mixed in with broadway instead of what we expect from Miss Gaga who we had really hoped would do something more than her mime presentation.

There was also Katy Perry who MTV hyped up more than anything. Before every commercial break we would see her golden semi-truck and a teaser of her doing something crazy on the Brooklyn Bridge. At this point our expectations are high only to see that she copied straight from Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour. My least favorite part of the Queen’s Sticky and Sweet tour at that. Katy Perry tried to Roar while she was more redundant than Lady Gaga ever was… jump-roping, boxing, and they even copied the GAME OVER from Madonna’s tour. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? While it was a great performance it wasn’t that exciting to end the VMA’s with for all of the hype and Madonna did it much better at over 50. Madonna didn’t even had to jump rope for her dancers.

If you notice on the videos posted that the Sticky and Sweet tour had into the groove where Madonna jump ropes then she does the boxing segment with the short shorts during Die Another Day.

The funny thing is most of the Madonna fans who hate on Lady Gaga have turned to supporting Katy Perry. I do not understand why. While Katy Perry has had some great hits such as “Waking up in Vegas” she is nothing as exciting as Madonna nor has she put in the leg work into the LGBT fight like Lady Gaga has done for the community. “Applause” is a much better song with a sexier dance beat but “Roar” is custom made for top 40 radio so it will be successful and just another overly played generic song that we will all love. Perez Hilton has also declared war on Lady Gaga supporting Katy Perry but I doubt he will point out the “redundant” performance we witnessed Sunday night on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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