Krave Las Vegas is moving back to the Strip

insideupstairskraveLas Vegas has been without Krave Massive since it was forced shut Labor Day weekend and the weekend before gay pride. The former owner of Krave when it was on the strip next to Planet Hollywood has purchased the Krave trade name and plans to move it to where an afterhours used to be called Empire Ballroom. This is located at 3765 Las Vegas Blvd S in Suite G. This looks like an exciting venue judging from the photos with it having two stories of space, a stage similar to the last Krave on the strip, and a balcony area. This will bring it back home closer to the fruit loop near Tropicana and on the strip.

kraveempirestage2Krave Nightclub was a popular destination on the strip especially with gay tourists created by Sia Amiri. The new space will be remodeled and have 20,000 sq ft multi-level venue features, an upstairs VIP, outdoor patio, four full bars and a completely new sound and lighting system. It is directly across from the Monte Carlo housed in an old movie theatre called the Boulevard or TW Theatre and Nightclub. It is also between the M&M’s candy site and a Walgreens.

empirekraveempireoutsideviewYou might remember Krave used to be located inside the Miracle Miles Shops at Planet Hollywood and that would be so fabulous with Britney Spears doing shows next door. Now it is just down the street so I am sure they will do many Britney Spears promos and WORK and TWERK into an amazing club.

Save the date because the new Krave Las Vegas location opens November 1, 2013. We hope they are for realz this time. Who knows it could be another move the former tried to pull such as transferring the liquor license over to Tyler Caiden of Drink and Drag. DJ Morningstar will also be returning back from Weho to Dj at the new location!

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