Madonna’s Tribute to her Dancer who Died of AIDS

It was great to see Madonna and Justin Bieber appear on Ellen the other day for #MadonnaWeek because they are really the two most hated people in Pop Music.  They have so many haters out there but you would not expect so many of Madonna’s haters to be from the gay community.  Especially all that the Queen of Pop has done to pave the way for more gayness in concerts including a hot flesh show of boys wearing barely anything, gay friendly music videos, HIV awareness, raising awareness for LGBT hate in Russia risking her life playing in concert and the list goes on…

Am I saying you should go out and buy her record that is out Rebel Heart and support someone who supported you?  Yes.  Why not?  Give it a listen you may learn a few life lessons or two.  Anyone who can live through as much hate as she has knows how to battle through and through more hate.  As she says in her album cover song “Rebel Heart” that “I lived my life as a masochist. ” It’s like us gays carrying on after being thrown down by society and we are still being thrown down.  No one’s going to pick us up we will always have to fight for our rights.  Indiana and Arkansas passing LGBT discrimination laws in the name of “Religious Freedom” prove that.

But yet we still as gays are not buying her album or work as before.  It could be that its being downloaded free now as she got her music stolen long before the release date and people may not have went out and bought it.  But lets look at what she has done for gay rights in the past and one of my favorite things of all time was her sweet song to her dancer who died of AIDS during the Girlie Show Down Under. She was devastated.

Here are some of the lyrics to the heartbreaking song:

Have you ever watched your best friend die
Have you ever watched a grown man cry
Some say that life isn’t fair
I say that people just don’t care
They’d rather turn the other way
While we wait for this thing to go away
Why do we have to pretend
Some day I pray it will end

I hope it’s in this life
I hope it’s in this life time

The amazing thing about this video is that she sings this song continuing when a scary bug lands on her. Any of us diva’s would have flown off the stage. You go Madonna! Carry On!

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