Why Madonna is “Late” for her Concerts

madonnaarianagrandeThe Queen of Country Music Reba McEntire was not happy when she tweeted out loud about The Queen of Pop Madonna for being 2.5 hours late in Nashville, TN. It was not only Nashville but in Atlanta she was 3 hours “late”. Madonna also angered some drunk fans in Manchester, UK who the Daily Mail claims booed her before she took stage as she was about to go on with Michael Jackson’s song playing in the background. Many of us wonder why Madonna is “late” or is this an anxiety problem, technical difficulties, or even her laughing at everyone sitting there waiting. Below is a great explanation. I will tell you now she loves her fans and is the ultimate perfectionist.

madonnavintageMADONNA’s REBEL HEART TOUR is an entire tour production. People think she’s back there twirling her hair, making people wait. Everything seems to be synced in time frames. Not to mention the opening act. But even before we get there; the tour director, LIVE NATION, and people behind the scenes are getting everything ready. Before MADONNA arrives onstage; the audience is treated to a one hour DJ performance. The difference between tours like Swift, Gaga, & Perry…is they pick Singers and bands to open. MADONNA hand picks up and coming DJ’s. She’s a dance artist! Her actual set is approximately 45 minutes after the DJ is finished. (Which included 20+ minutes of them breaking down the DJ’s equipment).
Everything has to by timed perfectly. Music, lights, video, dancers…you will see three moving video screens with 15+ dancers in full stage costume, before you see MADONNA elevated in a cage.
MADONNA is a perfectionist! She rehearses months and even before we get there, they do a rehearsal. She wants everything to be perfect. I wish her team would put out some kind of quick fast motion reel kind of video to show us all that goes on backstage as we are waiting. I guarantee you, Madonna’s not sitting there, saying, “they will wait.” She’s not like that.
Every article about her being late reads as 2.5 hours late or close to 10:30. Even the few articles that say 3 hours late, if you click on their headline, the article later states, “nearly 3 hours late.” And when they reveal the time she actually went on stage, it’s close to 10:30 in those articles. Not one article mentions an opening act. In the concert world; when your ticket stub reads “Opening Act,” that gives your headlining act a good 2+ hours or more.
The time that MADONNA went on past 11 (one time on this tour,) she explained the video problem. The video computer had crashed and they had to reboot. 90% of this tour is supported by video.
I wish that LIVE NATION and her TOUR DIRECTOR and people would really back her up and explain to people that they are the ones that are telling people where to go, and they bring MADONNA out when they are ready to lift her in the cage.
It’s not about MADONNA just waltzing on stage, “Im ready.” There is so much involved that we don’t see.
The problem is that people don’t read “opening act” on ticket, and when the DJ is on stage, they don’t notice. Becomes background noise.
Maybe if the DJ had dancers and lazer lights or something. Or maybe if they present the DJ more visibly than just one person on a stage that people don’t really see.
••••also, the people that complain at 9:25pm online saying they have a sitter or Wanna get home. This is a stadium indoor tour (mostly, right?). If you go to outdoor concerts like Greek Theater or Hollywood Bowl; those concerts have to end early. So when These concert companies like LIVE NATION and others book the tours; they usually keep it all in the same order. If it’s an outdoor show; it’ll end by 10/11pm. But if you go to Staples or Forum. Any concert. They are going to keep you there till at least 12:30 / 1am.
A concert with MADONNA is NOT going to get you home at 10:30. Come on. It’s a dance music party. -Posted by a fan in the Rebel Heart Tour Group (Michael K.)

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  1. I went to see the Sticky and Sweet Tour at the dolphin Stadium in Miami, 8:oo pm show. I got to my seat at 8:30, yes it took me 30 min to get into the parking lot and park. When I got to my seat I realized that the stadium was only a third of the way full, if that. By the time she strted at 11pm, no opening act, there were people still walking to their seats. The media did not mentioned anything about this anywhere.I have been to 3 of her concerts and each is a biger production than the last one. I dont really know much about putting a show of that caliber together but I do know that dealing with all those lights and moving stages and costumes and dozenz of dancers takes a lot of coordination and hard work and with modern technology as great as it is things are bound to be wron and one small blip on the computer screen can spell dissaster for the rest of the show.
    so to all those people that give The Queen shit about being late Once you pt a show of her caliber on and take it all over the world for 2 years and you make it go without a hitch every single time , then you can give her shit.
    All Hail The Quenn MADONNA

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