Make Your Own Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Knockoff

shirtlessdudedoingshotsSince we last reported that Fireball contains anti-freeze like ingredients you maybe have been doing alternative shot shopping and maybe switching back to jager. If you are having house parties though this natural alternative would not only impress everyone but it will be somewhat healthy with the peppers and cinnamon included. No antifreeze here.

gogowhiskeyshotsHave you jumped on the flaming bandwagon of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky yet? If not, you’d better catch up with the rest of the country, where the Canadian-based, fire-breathing shot continues to sell and spread through bars.

This whiskey channels the flavor of red-hot cinnamon candies and is oddly easy to toss back as a shot, which is how most people take it. Fireball may start sweetly in its pure form, but it quickly rises from kindling to an inferno of a finish, with a lingering burn that hits like a hot bowl of salsa. Good homemade Fireball requires strongly-scented cinnamon.

You will need a bottle of whiskey, a handful of strongly-scented cinnamon sticks, simple syrup and—if you’re really ready to light the fuse—a bunch of dried red chile peppers. Grab your best shot glasses and get infusing with the effortless and lazy recipe below: (Just how I like it #keepitsimple)

Homemade Fireball Whiskey


1 (750 ml) bottle inexpensive whiskey
8 Cinnamon sticks
3 oz Simple syrup
6 Whole dried red chile peppers (optional)


Empty the bottle of whiskey into a large container with a lid. Add the cinnamon sticks and simple syrup and seal. Shake the container and let stand for five days, shaking daily.

After five days, add the dried chile peppers to the container, if desired, and shake. Let stand for three to four more days, tasting after the first day to test the flavor intensity. When the flavor reaches the desired intensity, strain and re-bottle. Up the firepower with a handful of spicy dried peppers.

With this fresh bottle of fire juice now at your disposal, how do you plan to drink it? If straight shots aren’t your style, try mixing the spiced whiskey into a jug of apple cider. There are lots of fun things you can do with this and make it a hit at your Holiday parties!

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