Mickey’s on Fire, Boom Boom Closing

And we thought the mortgage crisis was bad for California residents… maybe it all comes into play… but seriously at Mickey’s the Roof is on fire but let’s not let another gay club burn m*f*er burn.

There has been lots of big club news this week as two major clubs will be closing down.  The Boom Boom Room in Laguana Beach, CA.  I am jealous that I have never been to this “Boom Boom” room but the gay club located inside the Coast Inn will be closed down for good following Labor Day weekend.

If you feel you still have any hope to save the Boom Boom Room then check out this website for more details but I am sure its too late for any action.  TowleRoad’s blog also has some information on the closing of this historic gay landmark.

Not only has this closure sadden many gays but we found out today that Mickey’s nightclub located in the gay WeHo area of Hollywood will be shut down for some time due to a fire that broke out.   Mickey’s Bar on Santa Monica Blvd. suffered severe fire damage and one person was hurt from the fire.

Tuesday afternoon the blaze broke out and there are even reports that TMZ.com has people complaining that the strip contest was cancelled because of the fire.  It is too bad the fire has destroyed such a nice club that the gay community has supported for so long.  Once the investigation is over from the fire department we will surely get some clues to what happened and the timeframe of when and if the club will be back up and running again.

Ok just one more club closing for the week.  Angles’ nightclub is closing its doors for the second official time to have its 25th Anniversary and farewell T-Dance then it will have new owners. Read more here.

Just think how many clubs have closed so far this year – China White (Ft. Lauderdale), Roxy (NYC), Avalon (NYC), and the list grows on…

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