Party Foul – But we are Back UP

Well you know its a party foul to bring down a party site. What is the world coming to? The site got so messed up and database was so corrupt we just started deleting add-ons and have been down and up for over a week. Hmmm does this remind you of another bigger Gay site that keeps doing the same thing? Ok, so you can now compare us to their site has been a clusterfukk ever since they have been trying get it up from their redesign efforts. Good luck with that we certainly know how frustrating this database mess can be!!!

We are glad to be back and will be bringing you the hottest party gossip, news, and seductive photos from our nights out on the town. Currently in Boston tonight to see the Queen of Pop Madonna and then the afterparty from DJ Carl Cox and DJ Enferno and possibly hit up Estate Boston. As you see below that our girl Kristene W will also be singing this Saturday at the Roxy.

You better get your Halloween costume ordered – I used these these kats over at and they shipped things to me fast (they may have used a witch with a broom) and had great service. They have a great site to select many costumes. Just click the banner below to order and get a special savings code from that coupon on your online order!!

Halloween Decorations

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