Party pics from Trade Party

These are the pics from the Trade party that featured Brent Corrigan, Amanda Lepore from NYC, Reese Rideout, and many other gay twink and jock stars.  The party I expected to be better than Hustlaball but it was not as good as last year.  Maybe we set our expectations too high but it was just not as wild.  Although I did not attend their party at the Blue Moon the pics from that party looked like it took away some of the wild from this party.  The performance by Amanda Lepore was one of the highlights of the night especially when she stripped for everyone.  There were tons and tons of p-stars dancing around but we really did not know who was who.  DJ Irene and Chris Cox played two nights next to each other.  Irene played the Trade party on Friday.

Hustlaball last year and the previous year was much more entertaining. It really had more of an effect on the energy and the friskyness of the night.  It’s too bad they did not get around to coming out to Krave Vegas this year but maybe next year… who knows.  It was fun.. just not the usual craziness.

Not sure who this guy is but hes one of the hottest p-stars we saw all nite!

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