Planning a Wild Spring Break?

When you think of Spring break you normally think of places such as Cancun. We have compiled a few Spring Break lists for you to do the most sightseeing and that means seeing the boys running around half naked. Half naked college boys on the beach that sounds like a vacation to me. The hard decision is whether you want to be able to drink being under 21 you would have to run for the border of Canada or Mexico or find a Europe destination. If you are just looking for some trashy beaches to people watch then you might pick somewhere like Key West where they have an optional Garden of Eden bar.

The MTV Spring Break for 2012 will be held in Las Vegas during the entire Month of March at the Palms Casino Resort. Most college students will be searching for the strip clubs, liquor stores, tattoo parlors and Hooters franchises (one off the Vegas strip), among other options similar to what you see in the Girls Gone Wild Videos

In Vegas you will have the Gambling and strip clubs you can send your straight friends a call girl while you hit the gay club Share and find your own mate. Key West is known as the Gay Spring Break destination. Though the resort city is known for its nudity, gays, lesbians, godo food, beautiful beaches it may some of the worst traffic trying to get to that area. They do not enforce their open container laws.

If your attending UT or U of H you may find yourself at either Galveston Beach or farther south to South Padre Island which is known as the ultimate party beach. People get so trashed on this beach they may forget it has sand.

In Florida, you have the popular Daytona beach since Ft. Lauderdale ran all the younger poorer partiers off. Daytona is a hotspot and we hear some underage can drink but Miami may be the best Florida bet. You can walk around with white pants if you want on the Miami beach. Cruise down South Beach at night pick up some hotties. Check out Twist, Score, and even head down to Diskotekka on a Saturday night. If you go during the Winter Music Festival there will be major circuit djs there with hot, sweaty night club events going on until the sun comes up and then some. There will also be a pool party at the National Hotel for the Winter Party. What’s more in South Beach is the Winter Music Festival for Electronic Music. This is one of the ultimate dance rave happy hipster parties on the planet.

Myrtle Beach, S.C. is another Spring Break destination but might be a tad colder than the warm Florida beaches. You could always check out the other coast and haul over to San Diego but keep in mind most of their locals have left for other beaches. Lake Havasu in Arizona is a hotspot and a beautiful lake nestled in the canyons. You can have some fun here and maybe find a few hideaways.

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