Pure Nightclub Vegas

I am currently in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps and even ambiens do not make you sleep.  The malls stay open til midnight and you have to do some last minute shopping if you plan on going to the hottest club in the country.  The Mega-million dollar Pure nightclub opened up just a few years ago with Mariah Carey singing a few songs to bring in the new year.  I was at that event with a huge Mariah fan.  Pure nightclub is a fabulous club but its not the best club in the world as CNBC and magazines report.  For a straight club I will say its in the top five clubs but not for the best of gay friendly clubs.  This is a great club to be seen at and be in the glamour scene of Vegas.  Make sure you are prepared to wait in a long line and may not even get in if they do not like the way you are dressed or what shoes you are wearing.  Girls have a lot better chance of getting in than guys.

Pure Nightclub on the inside has many cool rooms and a fun small to medium sized dance floor.   This is definitely a club you must check out when you come to Vegas but only until its time to walk across Las Vegas Boulevard and goto Krave nightclub.

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