Rome to experience the real Colloseum

We  used to frequent a club named Coliseum in South Florida.  It was decked out with art and the very erotic Roman theme.  Frat boys are not the only people doing toga parties it is the gays too.  Nothing is hotter than images of the Roman Cup and other homo-erotic Roman artwork.

The Club Scene in Rome

The gay club in town is the L’Alibi which seems to only be open Friday and Saturday nights on themed parties.  There is also the Gay Village which goes on all Summer long with appearances this year from Boy George and many big name DJ’s.

Gay Bar Near the Forums

One amazing thing we saw was looking over at the Colosseum we noticed a gay pride rainbow flag.  the Flag was on the My Bar bar/restaurant opening out to the front yard view of the monster Colosseum.  Next door to My Bar is another small bar called Coming Out.  Coming Out and My Bar both seemed to serve food during the day and then around 10pm even on weekdays you will see the street in front lined up full of some of the hottest gays in the world.  The Italian boys come out to socialize outside these bars on [street].  Coming out at night seemed to be a younger crowd although the small lounge in the back just does not count for a dance floor at all.  This city needs some major work on the club scene it is more of a stand and smoke scene in the streets than inside any building.

We drove the taxi over to Hangar to check it out and the door was locked up on a Tuesday night.  I still was unable to find out the exact nights this place was open but its more of a bar anyway.  then there is Sidetrack and it seemed more like a bar where you go to watch small computer screens for porn and play with the glory hole than a club as it is listed on sites such as NightTours.  Judging from the photos on the website of Skyline I would say it was a bar and not anything close to a club.

I read on the travel forums that the baths are mainly daytime places to go and kept reading that there were bears and cubs and such there so it did not exactly sound like some type of student orgi.  I guess you have to goto the hostels for those j/k.  We did not get a chance to check out the baths but in some Europeon destinations the baths are better than the clubs with bigger dancefloors such as Paris.

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