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Sao Paulo is the richest and most populated city in Brazil. Sounds like the perfect place to find your Latin sugardaddy doesn’t it? And where else are you more likely to do this that at the annual gay pride event.

They say that the Sao Paulo gay pride event is the largest of its kind on the planet: back in 1997 there were 2,000 people attending, it hit the Guinness book or records in 2006 when 2.5 million attended and… wait for it, the 2010 event is expected to top the 4 million mark for participants and spectators. Best not go if you don’t like crowds!

There’s a theme for next year’s (2010) pride: “Without Homophobia, More Citizenship – By isonomy Rights” and that last part refers to the constitutional rights that have long been denied to Brazil’s (and other countries’) LGBT community; things like civil partnerships and adoptions. Let’s hope that 4 million people marching in support makes their government sit up and take notice.

But apart from the political message – which always used to be and should still be the main thrust and purpose of any gay pride march methinks – what else can visitors expect from this massive event? Well, everything kicks off at 12 noon on Sunday June 6th, in case you want to plan a trip. The parade is followed by debates on the 7th, an awards ceremony on the next day, a cultural fair the day after and the ‘must go’ event on June 13th the Gay Day. You will need a ticket, but these can easily be arranged, for the big dance and music party to which free transportation is provided. Check out for full details of all events and the biggest gay parade in the world’s background information.

And while you’re there in that rich and diverse city what else is there to do? As if attending the parade was not enough? has a neat and well presented set of pages that list the places to go and be seen. You will want to experience the Latin music wherever you go surely, so we’re advised to check out Azucar which starts late and goes on all night; it has a ‘drink minimum’ police which appeals to older folk –or those who don’t drink much. Grazie a Dio! Has live music and is one of the more well known clubs to attend. Like many establishments around the city it starts late, around 10.00pm, and goes on until well after midnight.

You can also take dance lessons at some of the famous salsa clubs, learn how to movie your hips and then, when you go out later, you can really get into the swing of things. The Sao Paulo info site (mentioned above) also has lists of these clubs and even private tutors for you to visit and learn from.

Looking around at other sites that talk about this amazing city it occurred to me that Sao Paulo has been overlooked. When you hear about Brazil and carnivals and gay life, you think of Rio don’t you? I’d not heard much about SP, but once I started looking into it I found it sounded more appealing than Rio. I think that was because I’d also heard, and seen on TV, much about the rougher side of Rio, the crime and squalor. I dare say it exists in Sao Paulo too but I got the impression that if it does then it is more hidden. For some reason I felt that Sao Paulo would be a safer place to be.

The proof of the spicy pudding, of course, would be in the eating. But don’t eat too much or you won’t be able to salsa!

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