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When you think of Shreveport you normally think of one of the gambling cities of the Southern states close to the swamps of Louisiana.  We recently traveled to an event in Pensacola, FL and decided to stop in on the way to Baton Rouge, LA.  We looked over the websites online first to see if anything was open on a Thursday night.  We found out they have bars open until 6am.  I am jealous of a city that has bars open until 6am since I am normally in cities that only serve alcohol until around 2am (sometimes closing around 1:40 or so).

Baton Rouge bars close at 3am so since we were going to be driving through at 2am we thought Shreveport would be our best bet.  We drove first to the Central Station club which is located right underneath I-20 and near the Line exit.  We had trouble finding a street sign that was not faded out to make sure we were turning on the right streets.  We finally found the street and there was no lights on or anything and it was completely dark outside with some bum following our car.

I was actually just joking around saying that was the club and it really turned out to be the building that the club was in called Central Station.  Since the outside lights were not turned on we thought the club was dead and it was not exactly the safest looking area so we jolted out of there.  Our return trip we went by there in the semi-daylight and learned that they had just not had the light strands on the outside that night and that the parking was in the rear.

People from out of town would have no idea that the parking was in the rear or that the club was even still in business since there are no gay pride signs facing the street or no real signage.  Although there is an old engraved sign on the historic building that is hard to see at night.

On the return trip we discovered that this place looked like alot of fun.  We stopped by and had a few drinks and saw they had a nice outside patio, 2 dancefloors and one of them was rather big in another room they open for Fridays and Saturdays.  I totally want to check out this club when it is hopping on the weekends.

We also stopped into the Korner Lounge which is just a few blocks down the street and near some buildings with neat paintings.  It was seductive inside playing videos and a hunk of a bartender.

Both bars had video cameras on the parking lot which kind of made me weary to leave my car parked outside for too long.   Maybe because it is a casino town or because it is high crime? I am not sure.

Shreveport is a great place for a weekend trip to go gambling, drinking, and watch drag shows at the Korner Lounge and Central Station.

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