Anything Goes at Splash Bar Closing?

splashgoingawaysaleSplash Bar in NYC posted on Facebook today that if you show up to the closing party on August 10th you get to take home whatever you want?? Don’t tempt me with a good time. They even said you could take home tiles, disco balls, mini tv screens, couches, and anything that is removable. Really? And Dougie Meyer.. we assume he’s the guy in the photo? Does NYC allow parking with U-Hauls outside the clubs?

They are also planning on a big performer to come in on the final night and asking who would be the best. We have a few in mind…

Adam Lambert – if he is not too busy with Glee.
Madonna – if she isn’t too busy working on her “Secret Project” whatever that is…we know Steve Sidewalk is always dishing out some good MDNA tunes so the Queen should come close the place down. (We are not sure the DJ on the final night)
Lady Gaga – Why not? She has Art Pop coming out and she could have a teen “Art Pop” booth inside where they pose for
Cher – She did NYC Pride Dance on the Pier and the grand opening of Marquee Q Thursday nights (where she didn’t perform) why not a Legend at a closing of a Legendary club?
Steve Grand – probably not fitting for a closing party at a dance club but we could definitely see him booked at some gay events this year!

What will you take that is not attached to the building? Do we get the vodka too?

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