Things to consider when partying on New Years Eve

Be prepared for the hottest party night of the year which is also the last night of the year.  It is a night to look back at the top club songs and a night to look forward to starting over with New Years Resolutions.  Here are the top things to consider when preparing to party on New Years Eve:

1.  Time – you must get out early to party so you do not miss the countdown

2. Parking – this will be the ultimate bitch. Take an Uber or Lyft out to the bars. Here is $20 off or a free ride.

3.VIP Passes or Tickets in Advance – buy tickets a week or a few days in advance to avoid some of the huge lines (and save money)

4.New Meat – remember all the people who never go out come on New Years so dress your best.  Oh yeah.. bring condoms and lube – no telling how drunk your going to get 🙂

5.Party Favors – make sure you plan this in advance. Everythingfaghagassaultstwink seems to be marked up for New Years Weekend even party favors (hats and glow sticks of course).

6.Alcohol – good luck – the lines to the bar will be crazy.  I cannot advise drinking and driving on your way out but I do advise ordering a double so you don’t have to go back to the bar as many times.

New Years is the start of a new day and everyone’s favorite night to be out.  It is a night to love people and hug and kiss them once the clock strikes midnight while you are in the most joyous state.  It might even be the night to meet the love of your life. 

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