To Scandal or Masterbeat?

We spent our New Years at two places in Los Angeles as predicted. One of them was Rage nightclub which is on the strip in West Hollywood. They had a great countdown that I enjoyed last year where they put up the top ten songs of the year on their big projector screens. Of course I predicted the song of the year… “Umbrella” by Rihanna.

We did not want to spend the entire New Years Eve at Rage but traffic was so bad in Hollywood and Vine near the other party we wanted to go to called Scandal. They had a live performance by Amuka who sings “Appreciate Me.” Scandal also had DJ Isaac Escalante from Mexico City to go with their resident DJ Alexander (who is fabulous based on his myspace music) and go-go boys. We had driven over to the Scandal New Years Party at the Henry Fonda Theatre (Music Box) and we gave up because of the traffic holdups. The ( Scandal New Years was $100 and an open bar until 4am with dancing until 9 or 10am. Please someone let me know how this party turned out because we missed out and it sure looked juicy.

The New Year rang in and it was time to head over to the MasterBeat L.A. Party where we found over 2,500 shirtless guys in a building downtown called the Mayan. Fabulous music and so many people it looked like some kind of movie scene. This circuit party was $100 to enter and did not include drinks of any kind from what I could tell. It also cost us a good cab ride from Hollywood to Downtown which was around $35 or $40.

It was a fun night and I meet some cool & sexy people. I am ready to rest and work out and get ready for 2008’s events!

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