Who Wins Best Britney Spears Impersonator?

We have to say this is a good Britney Spears impersonator on the UK’s The X Factor but does seem more like an XXX Factor audition. We wished she would have lip synched like our Brit loves to do *most* of the time. She did the O-o-o way too much. We have to say she is giving Derrick Barry a run for his money or not? Derrick can probably sing better than Lorna. Either way we are excited to see Brit Thursday on the Fox US version of X-Factor.

Britain’s X Factor impersonator by the name of Lorna Bliss:

Derrick Barry (Britney Spears) – America’s Got Talent

Vote for your favorite Britney Spears! #xfactor #itsbritneybitch

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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