Gay Clubs, Pride, Dance Festivals Being Targeted by Terrorists?

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StillStandingStillDancingThe attacks in Paris, France this year sent the message loud and clear they are targeting happiness and fun. ISIS and radical islamists do not want anyone having any fun. They want us all to fear them which is why they they go to extremes to behead people and throw gays off buildings then stone them when they do not die from the fall. Now that they are going after concert halls and sporting events the club scene could be next.

A New Year’s Eve celebration at a crowded Seattle gay bar was ruined a few years ago when an arsonist set fire to the venue shortly after midnight. THere were more than 700 people in the club at the time. Two armed anti-gay vigilantes opened fire at a gay club in Moscow called Central Station and with many anti-gay hate acts against the venue it had to eventually close and the owner had to move to the U.S. It kind of makes you wonder when it will happen again not if it will happen. We must not be vulnerable to these types of attacks and know how to safely exit and defend ourselves.

One of the most vulnerable places to attack are places where we feel safe such as a local gay bar where you do not have to go in a metal detector to go inside. Although we also feel pretty safe at large EDM festivals and nightclubs such as Heaven in London where you do go through quite a bit of security to prevent mass shootings and fights. Continue reading Gay Clubs, Pride, Dance Festivals Being Targeted by Terrorists?

Madonna Hosts Rebel Heart Tour AfterParty at Marquee Las Vegas Nightclub

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madonnamarqueenightclubMadonna stopped by Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to host an after party for her Rebel Heart Tour concert stop on October 25, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It appeared she was having a grand time at one of the top grossing clubs in the world.

12065927_10206272874155476_1458747577682441240_nMarquee Las Vegas which brings in over $80 Million a year in revenue displayed some of that while selling tickets to the show charging men almost twice as much as women and imposing dress codes on clubgoers as normal. The Madonna afterparty did not get any special rules from the mega club on an already busy Saturday night. There wa a controversy of discrimination of charging more for guys than girls when her base is normally the gay community and we are more for equality. We can only hope she will make gay club appearances where everyone is treated equal. Although gay clubs in Las Vegas are crossing major hurdles lately.

madonnamarqueevegasThe Queen of Pop is now unequaled chart royalty as she is the official Queen of the Dancefloor. Madonna made momentous Billboard chart history when she made the most No. 1s ever, 46, by an act on a singular Billboard chart. She earned her 45th No. 1 on Dance Club Songs, when “Ghosttown” lifted from 3-1 earlier this year and her 46th spot with “Bitch I’m Madonna”.

What happens when Nick Jonas shows up to Introduce Demi Lovato’s surprise performance at a Gay Bar

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demi-lovato-gay-barYou are just out on a Thursday night having cocktails and watching a drag show at the Industry Bar in New York City and out of the blue Nick Jonas is introduced on stage. Then Demi Lovato comes out to give a breathtaking surprise performance of her hit song “Confident”.

The crowd at Industry went nuts when Nick Jonas came on stage unexpectedly and then shocked again when he introduced former The Voice judge and musical bestie Demi Lovato. She walked on the stage, said “what’s up bitches!” before immediately jumping into singing the album-title track off her new record that dropped Oct. 16. Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato certainly love their gays almost more than Lady Gaga used to love us and make appearances. The DJ at the event caught the entire escapade and uploaded it to Facebook: Continue reading What happens when Nick Jonas shows up to Introduce Demi Lovato’s surprise performance at a Gay Bar

Gay New Year’s Eve 2016 Events

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NOTE: We will be making a list starting today of NYE EVENTS so bookmark this page and come back weekly! More to come.

justinbiebergifsexyWe are on the lookout for the hottest parties to bring in the fabulous new year of 2016. While 2015 has been a fairly exciting year we will for sure end it with a big bang like always!

In past years we have ventured off to Los Angeles for the Masterbeat events and local events. This year may be a bit different because Tigerheat may have something grand planned since it falls on a Thursday this year. It will be interesting to see that they have in mind. Thursday night changes a lot in terms of where we may bring our party.

In Orlando, a Thursday night means Revolution or what is now Southern Nights but I am sure the Parliament House may be the more supreme place to be.

In Miami the party could be at House or that Tracy Young Party that pops up every year that we always wish we could attend. DJ Tracy Young Posted that “In a simple attempt to break away from the ordinary New Year’s Eve celebrations, GENESIS has now become the only Miami mainstay New Year’s tradition. GENESIS, New Years Day is the start of incredible new beginnings and 2016 will be spectacular as we celebrate what is yet to come. Each year and for over a decade, the world has taken notice to MIAMI and FEROSH’s GENESIS event. This year’s event is RE-IMAGINED and will be the ultimate start for the New Year as the party transforms into what South Florida is all about…fun, sun, sand, water and of course, lots and lots of hot bodies! Make a Splash at this years amazing new venue The Shore Club. Join Genesis as we take the party outdoors and into the sun bringing this favorite daytime event where it has never before been taken. This years venue promises an over-the-top production, with a performance by Karina Iglesias from NBC’s THE VOICE and world renowned DJ Tracy Young. Join us on this magical journey and celebrate as the world watches how Genesis evolves right before your eyes. ?#?genesis? ?#?newyearsday? ?#?miami? ?#?shoreclub? ?#?ferosh? ?#?foreveryoung? Tickets available:” An outdoors NYE Event!!
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Masterbeat New Year’s Eve 2016

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masterbeat2016newyearseveOne of the largest gay New Year’s Eve events is returning to Los Angeles. Masterbeat is bringing an entire weekend of events with one of the biggest DJ and venue lineups in their history. You’ll end 2015 and kick off 2016 with their legendary Masterbeat New Year’s Eve countdown video then dance with thousands of the hottest men from around the world. The circuit party promoter has 5 events lined up at Los Angeles’ most spectacular venues and night clubs with two after hours and a closing party.

The DJ’s include Abel, Alex Acosta, Alyson Calagna, Brett Henrichsen, Joe Gauthreaux, Micky Friedmann and Ralphi Rosario as they take you into 2016. Events will be held from December 31 – January 3 at Arena Cafe, The Belasco, The Mayan, Stock Exchange and 333 Live. We actually wondered how they were going to plan this year’s dates because of NYE falling on a Thursday but now we know! Continue reading Masterbeat New Year’s Eve 2016

Viva Lost Vegas Gay Nightlife

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lostvegasgayRevo Sundays LGBT night To End
October 2015: The entire Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage will close completely October 14th. Say goodbye to Revolution Sundays!

Share Nightclub is undergoing a “Remodel”
October 2015: Some management and staff changes have already occurred. A slight remodel—ending with a New Year’s Eve grand reopening—will take place over the next few months, with a larger revamp planned for 2016. The calendar looks similar to last month’s, but that could change by NYE. Share Nightclub in Las Vegas claims that Friday’s popular Stripper Circus is here to stay regardless of the remodeling taking place.

It seemed as if Liaison Nightclub was doing spectacular as it gave away 10,000 in prizes for Halloween, had Ru Paul stars such as Coco Monteose performing along with others, Official Britney Spears after parties and had Lance Bass host nights with bottle services in the $200’s at tables. The club was located inside of Bally’s which is an odd location but being across from Drai’s you would think it wasn’t too bad. Liaison Las Vegas closed its doors last week and took away its Facebook page.

Liaison Nightclub had a line extending to Bally’s slot machines, with generally packed dance floors, several occupied VIP tables and busy bars between midnight and 2 a.m.—typically signs of a healthy, successful night. Several attendees sported Britney Spears shirts, having just walked over from Planet Hollywood where she had just performed for the afterparty.

This ultralounge was first of its kind inside a Vegas casino—which opened its doors last June after Victor Drai and this team moved their afterhours party back to its basement location at the Cromwell but kept the space they renovated at great expense. Even as January reportedly saw an uptick in attendance, the Drai team has decided to end the operation. Employees were informed last week at a meeting.
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Pride Inspired Doritos Chips

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DoritosPrideChipsJust in time for Dallas and Las Vegas Pride a new flavor or shall we say new colors of Doritos chips are coming out. This will for sure add some color to your chips and dip platter for the Holidays, Pride, or any party. Doritos is producing rainbow-colored chips in partnership with nonprofit #ItGetsBetter.

Doritos Rainbows are a limited-edition version of its Cool Ranch-flavored tortilla chips to show the chipmaker’s support of the LGBT community. The chips come in shades of green, blue, purple, red, and orange inspired by colors of the Pride flag (or, perhaps, Skittles’ “taste the rainbow” tagline). Continue reading Pride Inspired Doritos Chips

Madonna announces More Rebel Heart Tour Dates

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madonna rebel heart tour opening act
In a news release Thursday, Madonna announced a list of new concert dates, including a January 14, 2016 stop at Tulsa’s BOK Center for her Rebel Heart tour. The Queen of Pop begins the new year on January 6 in Mexico City, followed by stops in San Antonio on January 10, Houston on January 12, before arriving in Tulsa on the 14th. We have a feeling she will add another NYC, LA, and Houston date as “time goes by so slowly” to her appearing in those cities!

No word yet on when tickets for the new concert dates will go on sale. Her first show for the new tour was last night in Montreal, Canada. We were watching the show last night on Periscope and it was simply amazing with lots of little monsters filming.

Jan. 6 — Mexico City, Mexico, Sports Palace
Jan. 10 — San Antonio, TX, AT&T Centersexy back up dancers in bed to erotica
Jan. 12 — Houston, TX, Toyota Center (Southbeach Nightclub afterparty in H-Town?)
Jan. 14 — Tulsa, OK, BOK Center (Majestic Club afterparty in Tulsa?)
Jan. 16 — Louisville, KY, KFC Yum! Center (Will she stop in and say hi to Kim Davis?)
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