Viva Lost Vegas Gay Nightlife

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lostvegasgayRevo Sundays LGBT night To End
October 2015: The entire Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage will close completely October 14th. Say goodbye to Revolution Sundays!

Share Nightclub is undergoing a “Remodel”
October 2015: Some management and staff changes have already occurred. A slight remodel—ending with a New Year’s Eve grand reopening—will take place over the next few months, with a larger revamp planned for 2016. The calendar looks similar to last month’s, but that could change by NYE. Share Nightclub in Las Vegas claims that Friday’s popular Stripper Circus is here to stay regardless of the remodeling taking place.

It seemed as if Liaison Nightclub was doing spectacular as it gave away 10,000 in prizes for Halloween, had Ru Paul stars such as Coco Monteose performing along with others, Official Britney Spears after parties and had Lance Bass host nights with bottle services in the $200’s at tables. The club was located inside of Bally’s which is an odd location but being across from Drai’s you would think it wasn’t too bad. Liaison Las Vegas closed its doors last week and took away its Facebook page.

Liaison Nightclub had a line extending to Bally’s slot machines, with generally packed dance floors, several occupied VIP tables and busy bars between midnight and 2 a.m.—typically signs of a healthy, successful night. Several attendees sported Britney Spears shirts, having just walked over from Planet Hollywood where she had just performed for the afterparty.

This ultralounge was first of its kind inside a Vegas casino—which opened its doors last June after Victor Drai and this team moved their afterhours party back to its basement location at the Cromwell but kept the space they renovated at great expense. Even as January reportedly saw an uptick in attendance, the Drai team has decided to end the operation. Employees were informed last week at a meeting.
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Pride Inspired Doritos Chips

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DoritosPrideChipsJust in time for Dallas and Las Vegas Pride a new flavor or shall we say new colors of Doritos chips are coming out. This will for sure add some color to your chips and dip platter for the Holidays, Pride, or any party. Doritos is producing rainbow-colored chips in partnership with nonprofit #ItGetsBetter.

Doritos Rainbows are a limited-edition version of its Cool Ranch-flavored tortilla chips to show the chipmaker’s support of the LGBT community. The chips come in shades of green, blue, purple, red, and orange inspired by colors of the Pride flag (or, perhaps, Skittles’ “taste the rainbow” tagline). Continue reading Pride Inspired Doritos Chips

Madonna announces More Rebel Heart Tour Dates

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madonna rebel heart tour opening act
In a news release Thursday, Madonna announced a list of new concert dates, including a January 14, 2016 stop at Tulsa’s BOK Center for her Rebel Heart tour. The Queen of Pop begins the new year on January 6 in Mexico City, followed by stops in San Antonio on January 10, Houston on January 12, before arriving in Tulsa on the 14th. We have a feeling she will add another NYC, LA, and Houston date as “time goes by so slowly” to her appearing in those cities!

No word yet on when tickets for the new concert dates will go on sale. Her first show for the new tour was last night in Montreal, Canada. We were watching the show last night on Periscope and it was simply amazing with lots of little monsters filming.

Jan. 6 — Mexico City, Mexico, Sports Palace
Jan. 10 — San Antonio, TX, AT&T Centersexy back up dancers in bed to erotica
Jan. 12 — Houston, TX, Toyota Center (Southbeach Nightclub afterparty in H-Town?)
Jan. 14 — Tulsa, OK, BOK Center (Majestic Club afterparty in Tulsa?)
Jan. 16 — Louisville, KY, KFC Yum! Center (Will she stop in and say hi to Kim Davis?)
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Studio 54 Flashback

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studio 54 ryan phillipeYou’re too young to remember the actual Studio 54 I’m sure, but you may have heard of it and wanted to know what was so special about it. Why does the name, no the legend, live on all these years later? What was Studio 54?

To understand it completely you have to travel back to April 16th 1977 and to put that into perspective: that was the year that first saw VISA on credit cards, rings were discovered around Uranus (I’m not joking), the first spacewalk took place and Sarah Michelle Gellar was only 12 days old. Meanwhile over on 254 W. 54th Street, New York, two friends, Steve Rubell and Ian Shrager opened their doors for the first time and thereby started the legend of Studio 54.

In simple terms it was a night club; but a glittering one. They had tried owning and running steakhouses in the city but soon decided that there was more money to be made in alcohol, hence the idea of a club. With Rubell’s drive he was always the loud and gregarious one, they bought and renovated the old TV studio, transformed it into the club, hung an illuminated man-in-the-moon over the dance floor and the rest, as they say is history.
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Should We Decriminalize Sex Work After RentBoy Arrests? Also, Government Could Be Covering Up

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rentboy-noclothes-bedThe take down by the FEDS mostly by Homeland Security spells out the need of our resources to be used for better purposes here in America. If you have not heard of the Rentboy raid this week it was dozens of Homeland Security and FBI officers involved where so many of them showed up in court that the room was not big enough. You would ask if Homeland Security’s job is to fight terrorist instead of consensual sex among adults or the paid boyfriend time you find on Rentboy. Don’t they know they were being pretty legit keeping their money in the U.S. and not moving their headquarters to the Netherlands or so on.

You have to ask why our government is not seeking out more about the big corporations such as Microsoft and Exxon who avoid their taxes by hiding their money in other countries by buying up smaller businesses. Even in places they have no customers. Seems fair right? The founder of one of the popular gay porn sites responded with a quote on Facebook earlier today…
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Gay Days Las Vegas Review

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tropicanavegasluxorQuick Update for 2015:

1. There has been more club closings in Las Vegas and all the main events will be at the Piranha Nightclub instead of a larger club such as Krave or Share.
2. Gay Days has not listened to most of our suggestions but they did get Wifi at the Luxor allegedly. They are not booking rooms past the 15th of August which is kind of a hassle as we suggest staying at Tropicana or Cosmopolitan anyway but you will not get included pool passes or *cough* free Piranha nightclub entry.
3. Good news is that Uber will finally be back in Las Vegas just in time for this years PRIDE and Gay Days events. So to get downtown from the Luxor and other hotels for the pride parade will be much easier and cheaper than a taxi.

Gay Days Las Vegas Review and Suggested Changes
Looking back to September when Gay Days Las Vegas took place we were excited that it would be so much better then the premier year. We have been long time Gay Days fans of the Orlando events and thought we would join in on Las Vegas because by September we are still getting over the fun we had from June. The only problem is to many things went wrong in 2013 in Las Vegas to the gay scene and during pride that sort of made the Gay Days events turn out lamer to what we expected.
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Fake Dicks and Piss to Pass Drug Tests

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drugtest dongs fake pissPeople across the world are getting smarter when it comes to drug testing for employers by using fake penises and synthetic urine. This trend comes as more are moving away from saliva testing in favor of urine because it is more reliable.

Individuals need to be clean for 72 hours to give a drug free urine sample. That is unless you have a fake dick and piss then you can do whatever you want (we hope).

These prosthetic penises contain a reservoir that can hold at least 60 ml of synthetic urine. The reservoir is a squeeze bottle with a syringe at the end of it, all of which is covered by a prosthetic dick. This is then strapped onto a man’s back and heat pads are used to keep the urine at body temperature.
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Grindr Premium Features We’d Like to See

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grinderhottieshirtlessThere are lots of gay hook up apps out there but we all must admit all we really have time for is the most popular one. So why not make it perfect? New Grindr features we would like to see for premium monthly or yearly subscribers or anyone who uses the app…
1. Only visible in what city I’m in
2. Be able to swipe in message mode
3. When I block someone it actually blocks them.
4. When I delete someone’s message it actually deleted it. Rarely happens… Maybe it’s my phone or a glitch.
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