Madonna’s Tribute to her Dancer who Died of AIDS

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It was great to see Madonna and Justin Bieber appear on Ellen the other day for #MadonnaWeek because they are really the two most hated people in Pop Music.  They have so many haters out there but you would not expect so many of Madonna’s haters to be from the gay community.  Especially all that the Queen of Pop has done to pave the way for more gayness in concerts including a hot flesh show of boys wearing barely anything, gay friendly music videos, HIV awareness, raising awareness for LGBT hate in Russia risking her life playing in concert and the list goes on…
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Top 10 Madonna Songs on Rdio

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madonna top10 songs RDIOIn honor of the highly-anticipated Rebel Heart U.S. release on Tuesday and of course her upcoming appearance of an entire week on Ellen Rdio has pulled together the top 10 Madonna songs of all time! The Material Girl’s legendary pop-gospel anthem “Like a Prayer” rings in at #1. Her modern dance track “Hung Up” takes the #2 spot, followed by MDNA’s “Girl Gone Wild” at #3. Rdio also compiled top songs together for 44 minutes of pure Madonna bliss for a playlist representing the most popular Madonna songs globally on Rdio, ever. As always Madonna has been a permanent fixture in controversy, headlines, and entertainment. The new album comes out next week and the Rebel Heart World Tour in August with Pre-Sales already going on Ticketmaster.

Make sure to play her music on Rdio and Shazam it a few times for more airplay!  See our list of Radio Stations here for requesting “Living for Love” and “Ghostown”
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How to Request Music on your Local Radio Stations

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turnuptheradiolSince most of us that love dance music or actual music that is not played 5 times per hours on Top 40 repeatedly such as that Megan Trainer or Bruno Mars crap it’s a struggle to get our music played on the radio. Most of the radio stations in the United States are owned by Clear Channel Radio and they have a formula where they pretty much make most of their stations play what comes down from corporate. I hate to break it to you but there is really no such thing as DJ requests on top 40 radio but calling in and getting your “vote” in may count almost as much as voting in the election. Not much but it helps in a rigged system.  I noticed a few posts from other fans of underplayed music and thought I would make my own to make sure it gets played!  This is more of a United States based radio airplay list but with some International stations.

madonnalivingforlovegifArtists like Madonna who do not go on a big radio tour plugging their music find themselves banned from Top 40. Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga go on intensive radio station appearances and even the country stations in Kansas see them show up. The reason is artists such as Madonna have a family and put more time into her tour making it perfect from start to finish and it may not be in her contract like it is with most artists that they have to hit up all these stations. We would love to see more of the Rebel Heart album played on radio and in clubs of course but to do this we need to get the word out and get her added to the playlist. Because Madonna and most dance music do not have the annoying pre-teen following such as #BELIEBERS, #LITTLEMONSTERS, #KATYCATS, #SWIFTIES, #GLAMBERTS, #RIHANNANAVY and so on… we have to help promote in alternative ways to see a song played more.

A start is online streaming. Billboard changed its metric for ranking the Hot 100 a few years ago to weight online streaming pretty heavily. Billboard’s Hot 100 rankings are now a combination of 1) digital sales, through outlets like iTunes and Amazon; 2) radio requests and plays; and 3) online streaming as reported on the On-Demand Songs chart.

Listen to the song a few times per online station. Try to use one of these online services such as Spotify, Pandora or Soundcloud instead of your personal iTunes.
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DJ Hector Fonseca Tour 2015

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HectorFonsecaHector Fonseca has charted over 15 Official Billboard #1 dance remixes for artists like Sia, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Blondie, Kerli and Beyonce. He is planning a tour and if you have seen him at Gay Days Arabian Nights or at the White Party you will know you should not miss it!

“The Week, Brazil…OZ New Orleans…Miami…Lifeball Vienna….MLV25 + many more!!! I’m coming to a city near you & I’m bringing the Audio4Play Sound” -DJ Hector.

EDM DJ Madeon announced first ever North American headlining tour

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MadeonElectronic music phenom Madeon who you may remember opening up for Lady Gaga has announced details of his first ever North American headlining tour. Kicking off on April 10 in San Francisco, CA, Madeon will make stops in major cities across the U.S. and Canada before wrapping on May 9 in Montreal, including Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on April 12 and 19. To gain access to pre-sale tickets, starting today fans can purchase the album via Madeon’s web store to receive a special access code to purchase tickets. The general on-sale starts at 9AM local time on Friday, February 13.
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Viva Lost Vegas Gay Nightlife

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lostvegasgayIt seemed as if Liaison Nightclub was doing spectacular as it gave away 10,000 in prizes for Halloween, had Ru Paul stars such as Coco Monteose performing along with others, Official Britney Spears after parties and had Lance Bass host nights with bottle services in the $200’s at tables. The club was located inside of Bally’s which is an odd location but being across from Drai’s you would think it wasn’t too bad. Liaison Las Vegas closed its doors last week and took away its Facebook page.

Liaison Nightclub had a line extending to Bally’s slot machines, with generally packed dance floors, several occupied VIP tables and busy bars between midnight and 2 a.m.—typically signs of a healthy, successful night. Several attendees sported Britney Spears shirts, having just walked over from Planet Hollywood where she had just performed for the afterparty.

This ultralounge was first of its kind inside a Vegas casino—which opened its doors last June after Victor Drai and this team moved their afterhours party back to its basement location at the Cromwell but kept the space they renovated at great expense. Even as January reportedly saw an uptick in attendance, the Drai team has decided to end the operation. Employees were informed last week at a meeting.
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