One Magical Weekend is Back for Gay Days Orlando 2018

We post each year about one of our favorite events held the first week of June called One Magical Weekend during Gay Days Orlando. One Magical Weekend at Walt Disney World includes three magical days at Disney plus great events such as daytime pool parties. Here you will see some of the hottest and funnest gays from around the world landing on the happiest place on earth. There are several parties and events that take place in the afternoons and evenings at the host hotel properties and other amazing venues at night and afterhours.

From June 1st to June 5th, over 6,000 gays will attend from across the US and the world. The event is being held on the Disney World Resorts property located at the B Resort & Spa. The B Resort will be the host hotel for One Mighty Weekend.

It all begins on Friday, with the first “Therapy Pool Party,” when hundreds of men converge on the pool at the Official Host Hotel, the B Resort & Spa where international DJs will spin the pool deck on into the evening. You will notice one slight change to the one-hour later time this year at the pool parties compared to last year where they start at 12 noon instead of 11 AM and run until 7 PM instead of 6 PM. We welcome this change!

The weekend’s signature event will be Disney’s entire 52-acre fantasy water park, where 6,000 party boys clad in little more than a bathing suit to dance, enjoy the amazing water rides or chill out inside this sprawling theme park. It’s no wonder Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is known around the world.

One Mighty Weekend’s Line Up of Events in Orlando:

Friday, June 1st

12 PM – 7 PM: Therapy Pool Session #1 @ B Resort & Spa with DJ’s Dj Erik Armiliato And Dj Louis Tham [Tickets] Notice this starts an hour later than past years.
8 PM – 2 AM: Riptide @ Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark with Dj Grind And Dj Toy Armada.  [Tickets] Notice this starts an hour later than past years.
2 AM – 8 AM: Cadabra After Hours With Dj Alyson Calagna
Sun On The Beach Night Club (5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Fl)  [Tickets] Continue reading One Magical Weekend is Back for Gay Days Orlando 2018

2018 Gay Events, Circuit Parties & Pride

2017 Gay Events

November 2018
This weekend –  EDC Orlando
23 – 27 Nov White Party Week

8 – 10 Dec Rome – Fetish Pride Italy

December 2017
New Year’s Eve Parties – Masterbeat in Los Angeles – Sunday, December 31 – 9 pm – 6 am at The Mayan (1038 Hill Street Los Angeles, CA). NYE Full Post Coming Soon…


20 – 27 Jan Arosa Ski Week

20 – 27 Jan Ft. Lauderdale Atlantis Caribbean all gay cruise

21 – 28 Jan Vancouver – Gay Whistler Ski Week

31 Jan – 5 Feb Playa del Carmen -Arena dance music festival

9 – 13 Feb NOLA Gay Mardi Gras

9 – 14 Feb Rio de Janeiro Carnival Rio

16 Feb – 4 Mar Sydney Mardi Gras

18 Feb – 1 Mar Atlantis Auckland to Sydney Atlantis cruise

21 – 26 Feb Antwerp, Belgium Leatherpride

Miami 28 Feb – 6 Mar Winter Party Miami
2 – 11 Mar Gran Canaria Carnival
14 – 18 Mar Elevation Mammoth gay ski week
28 Mar – 3 Apr Berlin Easter leather and fetish week
April 2018
13 – 15 Apr Bangkok Songkran Thai New Year Continue reading 2018 Gay Events, Circuit Parties & Pride

New York City to Host WorldPride 2019

New York City has been selected to host WorldPride 2019, which is to be held in conjunction with Stonewall 50, the official commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising. The theme of Stonewall 50/WorldPride 2019 is “Millions of Moments of Pride,” and it will feature an expanded two-month series of events and programs alongside NYC Pride’s historic March, Rally, PrideFest, and legendary dances for men and women. Continue reading New York City to Host WorldPride 2019

Party Wear: LED Harnesses & Suspender Discount Code

Harnesses have been in fashion among the gays for some time now especially among the circuit crowd. Now that we have the fun LED Lighting why not make it fun with a glowing harness or suspenders to make yourself stand out. Better yet get a matching one for your partner.

These LED wearables are great for block parties too such as Halloween and Pride events. The first time we noticed one it was at NYC Pride and we ran up to someone to ask them where they bought theirs.

The Breedwell Glow Harness is the only LED harness on the market. It has a Patent pending design. Be one of the first to light the night and enjoy standing out in a crowd. The harnesses are sweat proof, adjustable, and USB rechargeable. Full charge takes 2 hours and last 12 hours on solid mode or 26 hours on flashing mode.

The best part is we have an exclusive discount code to save 15%. Enter promo code GLOWZ to save 15% on your order at

Go here to see more Pride ideas and Halloween Block Party wear here. Continue reading Party Wear: LED Harnesses & Suspender Discount Code

Andrew Christian 50% Off Underwear Sale

The top underwear brand of Andrew Christian rarely has 1/2 off sales and now is the time to act to get in on this sale! All you have to do is enter 50MGT in the promo code in the cart to get this offer. Also, make sure to sign-up for Andrew Christian Underwear rewards so you will make credits back from this order here. Continue reading Andrew Christian 50% Off Underwear Sale

Who is really to blame for Nightclubs Closing? Part I of II

Picture this. You walk into a gay nightclub ready to set yourself free to good dance music hoping to not hear the overplayed top 5 songs unless it’s at least a good mix. You then hear the worst song possible that you have already heard 20 times on the radio earlier. You set down your drink and leave the gay bar then prance off to the straight bars playing the same crap. Are there any differences in gay and straight clubs anymore when it comes to music?

You’ll see the Dj’s posting about how clubs are closing down left and right on Facebook but have they actually dared to play any gay-friendly music during prime dance time lately? I realize the gay clubs are more open to bachelorette parties and twerking sisters and twink hags who may request ‘Despacito’ by Justin Bieber 100 times in one night. They are helping pay the rent when they order drinks. Were not exactly sure if their tipping the bartenders though. But still ‘Despacito’ must be played. Continue reading Who is really to blame for Nightclubs Closing? Part I of II

Rain Doesn’t Stop Berliners, Pups, & Muscle, Leather Boys During Pride!

A little rain didn’t prevent thousands of people from parading into the streets of Berlin for the annual Christopher Street Day (CSD) parade on Saturday. Rubbermen, pups, queens, muscle men, trans, curious and all came out to the streets for CSD. The parade was special this year in that German lawmakers just voted to legalize same-sex marriage in the country. People from all over Germany, as well as other parts of Europe and the world turned out for the celebration. See below for more photos and videos and check out more of Gay Pride 2017 Events. Continue reading Rain Doesn’t Stop Berliners, Pups, & Muscle, Leather Boys During Pride!

D.C. Devastated As Town Danceboutique Announced it’s Closing

Just when you thought the reality of Trump taking over the White House in D.C. was devastating now the gays in the DMV area are losing their favorite nightclub. To what? To another f*king apartment complex!

Town Danceboutique is the largest gay dance club in Washington, D.C. It’s a combination of a cabaret performance space, a plush lounge, and a high energy dance floor. From Friday night go-go boys to surprise performance artists and international circuit djs this nightclub had it all for many years in the nation’s capital. Many are heartbroken as this is the first club they experienced as it is 18+ on featured nights but now that D.C. pride is said and done Town made the announcement on Facebook.

Town Danceboutique announced that they will be closing on July 1st, 2018. In a statement released by the venue they said, “After more than ten years in operation at 2009 8th street NW, in the center of the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC, Town Danceboutique, the city’s largest and most well known LGBTQ night club, will be closing.” The building was sold to a developer in 2016 and will be turned into an apartment complex.

People quickly went to Facebook to comment:
“You seriously can’t be shutting down. PLEASE! Town was my very first gay bar/club and I along with thousands of others in the DMV have so much history here. Gentrification is the worst. How could you sell out like this?”

Town had previously released a statement that says the club will remain open for “years to come.” The statement read: “Since 2007, Town Danceboutique has operated in the Shaw neighborhood at 2009 8th Street NW. In that time, and after considerable investments in our neighborhood by many people including ourselves, Shaw is now one of Washington’s most thriving and desirable parts of the city. “Understandably, because of that popularity, there has been an interest in the real estate that Town currently occupies. In fact, the building has been sold in previous years and we have had multiple landlords since we have been in operation. Now, the building has been sold once again. This sale was not a surprise to us and we have a great relationship with our new landlord who is excited to have us as their tenant. We also enjoy solid lease terms and we intend and fully expect to be throwing parties in our current location for years to come.”

It looks like things have changed since then and they cannot hold off the rumors. Normally when you hear a club is closing down its the truth as gays cannot keep their mouths shut when it comes to good gossip or in this case devastating news. We heard really bad rumours about XL Nightclub in NYC years ago and now we saw it in its casket over gay pride in NYC as it’s changing into a non-homo boutique hotel. Even the Out Hotel has been put to rest and “another one in the casket” as Katy Perry would say.

Another blow to D.C. are the other probably true rumors that the stripper club is closing down. The gay nightclub Ziegfeld’s-Secrets also sold their building to a developer. The sale followed approval by the city of the construction of a new soccer stadium across the street from the Ziegfeld’s-Secrets building. Although the owner Alan Carroll has said the developer that bought the building “doesn’t expect to displace or evict his club for four or five years since the property is not on the footprint of the soccer stadium.” Yeah right? Didn’t we lose the original Town in D.C. (can’t remember the original name) to a fu*king stadium. Not sure what’s worse a sports stadium or an apartment complex… probably an apartment complex because at least we can watch concerts at sports arenas.

What areas will the gays improve next and then gentrification takes over that neighborhood? We seem to beautify and bring traffic somewhere then corporations take over. They already want our pride parades, our clubs, and a Chinese company owns Grindr and Hornet. We need our gay back!