Orlando Pride has been Postponed

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pulsepridepartyOrlando has had some of the worst luck and tragedy this year and it is more than raining on their parade this year it’s being postponed. The gay pride celebration in Orlando that was supposed to remember those who passed from the nightclub tragedy in June will now be held in November. This is because Orlando is under severe weather threat right now with high hurricane winds and possible flooding. You can barely buy bread or groceries or even gas to get around town much less try to make it to a pride parade.
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Gay Days Orlando is Looking for 2017 DJ’s

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If you are a DJ this is your chance to spin at the Official 27th Annual Gay Days Orlando Celebration. In order to be considered, please follow the instructions listed on the flyer. Incomplete submissions will be ignored and multiple submissions will void any submission; take the time to make sure it’s 100% complete.62eabe0e-8ca1-4f24-b592-4fe91a3a87db

Good Luck. Submission Deadline: Sunday, February 26th, 2017.

1. 60 Minute Demo Mix (Top 40’s Mix/Dance)
2. Biography & DJ Resume
3. Professional Headshot (no selfies/cell phone photos)
4. Web Links: Website & Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
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Revolt Nightclub Opening (former location of Krave Nightclub) in Las Vegas

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revolt-vegas-gogodancersRevolt, a nightclub catering to the LGBT community in Las Vegas is set to open its doors with a preview party on the 23rd of September. Revolt Nightclub is opening its doors on September 23rd with what is gaining hype as the hottest upcoming event on the local nightlife scene. It will be an invite-only preview party starting from 10PM to 12AM, sponsored by Absolut & Crush.

Set to function as a hybrid lounge and nightclub, Revolt will be a welcoming space with state of the art lighting and sound, amazing talent, and top notch staff. It will be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 10PM to 4AM. More importantly, Revolt Nightclub is going to cater to the LGBT community and be walking distance from Britney Spears’ show at Planet Hollywood. Continue reading Revolt Nightclub Opening (former location of Krave Nightclub) in Las Vegas

How to Get Your Butt Clean and Ready to Bottom Like A Pornstar

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What if a guy that you really like has you on a date and pulls you over and wants to fuck the shit out of you. But literally he would be fucking shit out of you because you are not prepared. It’s not that you are not clean but you have not eaten right and do not feel confident you are ready. It could be stomach problems or diarrhea from taking too many aspirin the day before from a hangover.

Having sex on the fly is the best. Most people do not have planned out sex such as porn stars so in reality they are more prepared because they douche. The thing is to reduce prep time to be more comfortable and confident.bottom-supplement

Understanding how your body works will reassure you and make you feel more confident in bed. Sex is much better when you can both relax and have fun.  Read more Below:



The most important thing to know is that the rectum (where his penis goes) does not store feces. The feces are stored in the sigmoid colon until you are ready to go. So you aren’t going to shit on him during sex for the most part.

If your rectum is not clean and the condom or his cock gets dirty when having sex then you have to improve your diet.cuteyincks


You need more fiber in your diet. Fiber acts like a sponge that cleans your rectum. And if it’s clean you can catch a dick whenever you want. 

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, men are not getting enough fiber. The suggested intake is 38g per day. 

You are probably at around 16g of Fiber a day.

Do you WIPE more than 3x a day? Then you should increase your fiber intake.

To fix this you must increase two things at the same time: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Most fiber pills do not address this problem.

Soluble fiber: oatmeal, nuts, beans, apples, and blueberries

Insoluble fiber: all-bran (like Kellog’s), dates, granola, dried figs, lentils

So just remember to eat at least 38g per day so you’ll be ready when he puts you on your back.


It’s hard to believe but there is something you can buy that actually works even for those that have diarrhea problems from meds and drinking too much. We all need fiber and our bodies are simply not getting enough. Basically a bunch of bottoms got tired of shitting on their tops and got together and created fiber pills you can take so you can bottom whenever you want. And it’s got hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon.

It’s called Pure for Men – a proprietary fiber supplement that you take once or twice per day.

It comes in pill form so and you only have to “swallow” 2 a day for most.  The pills are 100% vegan blend of psyllium husk, chia and flaxseed.

They say it’s not glorified Metamucil because Metamucil only contains psyllium husk and doesn’t have the same amount of fiber per serving. Not the same thing.


Pure for Men works like a sponge going through your body so that when you go.. YOU GO. This of course reduces prep time and makes you more comfortable and confident.

And confidence is sexy.

And since most of us don’t get enough fiber in our diets this can make a difference in your overall health too.


Start with one pill per day and work yourself up. S-L-O-W-L-Y. Too much fiber at one time can make you bloat, pass gas and create unenviable digestive issues.  So if you are planning on trying Pure for Men, here are a few things you should know about taking fiber supplements.

Spread it out.

Not your legs. Your fiber intake. Spread it out throughout the day and don’t take the full dose only at night. Spread it evenly throughout the morning, afternoon and bedtime.

Take any meds at least one hour before fiber supplements or two hours after. Fiber is known to absorb certain medicines, diverting them from your body.

Lastly, drink lots of water. Taking fiber without water is like bottoming without lube. Drink at least 8 ounces of water with every dosage.


Medical experts agree: Enemas and douches are harmful. Pushing water or a mixture of water and chemicals up your butt creates a powerful reaction (accompanied by bloating and cramping) that “evacuates” everything in your lower intestinal tract.

Do enemas work? Yes, you’ll never be cleaner in there (or up there, as the case may be).

Should you do it? Never, ever put chemicals up your pipes without medical supervision. Do porn stars do it? Of course they do. And it’s not a good idea. I can recommend something even better than you’ve probably never heard of. If your rectum is so dirty that you have to hose it out, the answer isn’t a fire hydrant connection; it’s a better diet.

But how can I clean out down there?


If enemas and douches pose too great a risk (and embarrassment) for frequent use…

There is a device that will flush out fecal residue without the dangers of an enema or a douche:
The ear syringe.

Ear syringes hold about one ounce of water—enough to get the job done but far too little to remove rectal mucus or cause peristalsis and its consequent “douche dependency.” To find out more about the ear syringe, including how to use it, check out the book where this information came from, How to Bottom Like a Pornstar.

Tips on Eating: Porn star bottoms say that what they eat affects everything.  Porn stars tend to be like most guys who you see at the gym who eat lean meats and fibers and no carbs. They drink water and teas, and stay away from carbonated sodas because the last thing they want to do before a scene is eat or drink anything that would make them gassy. Besides the obvious like staying away from sodas and chalupas, nothing affects your ability to bottom on-the-go than fiber intake.

Gay Downtown Miami and Miami Beach Weekly Events

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gaybingohotelmiamiMiami is always changing when it comes to clubs, bars, and events. It’s sometimes hard to know when you leave the tropical paradise a few years and come back what there is to do. Whether you’re a tourist or local in Miami this list will help you figure out what to do even on Monday and Tuesdays not just the busy weekend. Hotel Gaythering leads Miami beach in things to do for gays because they host daily non-bar events. Although they do have a bar inside the hotel lobby that is open during their events they host.

If you’re seeking gay nightlife in the Miami area then you can normally count on people out late at night drinking and dancing at Twist nightclub. This is a four level club/bar with a stripper room on the patio. People normally go out late in Miami but that could change if they change their laws to make it where you have to close at 2 a.m. Continue reading Gay Downtown Miami and Miami Beach Weekly Events

Amsterdam Euro Pride Festival of Dancing and Entertainment

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funhousexxlamsterdamThe headline should have been “Amsterdam Euro Pride Where the Milkshake Brought the Boys to the Bars” just to be fun on the pun that it started out with a Milkshake festival a week before the canal pride weekend. Amsterdam Pride this year was part of the Euro Pride celebration. Although it did not change it much for me as the canal pride weekend is by itself spectacular. Continue reading Amsterdam Euro Pride Festival of Dancing and Entertainment

Las Vegas Gay Nightclubs Update, No Gay Days 2016

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krush fridaysWe heard rumors that Share may be closing down and those turned out to be true unfortunately. Share, the largest LGBT nightclub in Las Vegas shut its doors last month. The gay scene in Las Vegas only has one dance club left which is not on the strip but on the gay Fruit Loop and that club is Piranha.

But where can you catch drag queens and hot gogo dancers in straight people’s sin city? Wait in line for a dress code club with overly expensive drinks on the strip? Stay tuned because there are a few that are coming soon to Las Vegas at least we are hearing about.

Krush Nightclub
Housed in the former Rendezvous space on Arville off Tropicana, Krush nightclub will celebrate its grand opening July 22. The venue is already promoting weekly parties (Hip-Hop Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, F*ck It Fridays, Shirtless Saturdays and Latin Night Sundays) and drag shows hosted by local queen Elektra Del Rio. They have an adult entertainment cabaret license so private dance rooms will be part of this club’s attraction. Continue reading Las Vegas Gay Nightclubs Update, No Gay Days 2016

Gay Sex Clubs

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gay-spa-bathhouseWhen I lived in London I knew of a place, over in the west of the city, where guys could go and spend the entire evening naked. If you wanted a bit of relief with another drinking buddy you could go into one of the rest rooms available. That, to me, sounded like a sex club. So when I came to write this and did some online research, my eyes were opened by the variety of places around these days that go under the title sex club. It sounds like the kind of thing you join and go to every Wednesday night, like an amateur dramatics group, but these days things are much more sophisticated.

For example you have your J/O clubs, that’s Jack Off where guys (and sometimes girls and bi-folk on special nights) go for a good old fashioned circle jerk. Turn up, strip off, chat and then when the time is right get down to the J/O part of the evening. Alternatively you can opt for something far more traditional and old fashioned and visit a bathhouse, or sauna as they are also called. Not every sauna on the planet is a gay orientated one so it’s best to check out the details before you go but searching online or asking in your local gay bars will often result in the information you need. You may not think of a sauna as being a club but there are those that have regular customers who know what they want and know where to go to find it. Turn up, pay up, get your towel and start to explore. In the more wild ones you’ll find uninhibited sex happening just about everywhere though most will have those restrooms if you want some privacy. A good sauna should also have free condoms and lube on offer and remember to always play safe. Promiscuous folk as well as first timers go to sex clubs and you should always be aware of the risk of infections, so cover it up before you put it in, or allow it in! parties where loads of sexy bois turn up, have a drink and then shag everything that moves or does not move. Great stuff to watch but how do you actually go about throwing one of these events?

I have to admit that I never have, but I did speak to some people I know who have organized such an event and I have managed to put together some background on how these guys do it. I also get tons of emails requesting pics for these type of parties so I admit it does spark some interest.

First of all you need to know what you are doing; you need to know the law both national and local as it pertains to where you are. This is particularly important if you are going to film the event and put it on a website. Secondly you need money as this is going to cost you a fair amount: the venue (and you need a gay-orgy friendly one) with charge, the bar will cost you, if you are filming then you have the crew and the cast to consider and then there is the publicity.

Publicity: how do you find 200 gay guys who are willing to have an orgy and be filmed? Well, advertising in local colleges works surprisingly well and you’d be amazed at how many straight guys turn up too. The local press woks the same plus you have the internet and maybe your own website too.

So, you have the film crew, the venue and the whole thing is set up what next? Well sadly these things don’t happen spontaneously though they may appear to on the websites that feature them. If you are making a porn video in the USA (and this rule should apply to any country really – to protect yourself) you need to get the actors to do two things: One, they must prove their age and you must make copies of it in case anyone questions the legality of your models, (they must be over 18). Secondly you must get them to sign the legal disclaimer stating their age and your right to use them and their filmed/photographed material publicly since they will be nude.

So, all that preparation done and you are ready to roll. Now you just have to hope that your guys turn up, lose their inhibitions and have a wild time. There is some more backstage work still to be done. Some guys need persuading, others simply need to be introduced to each other, you should keep an eye out for illegal drugs as you don’t want that kind of thing filmed on your website and you should make a general introduction to the guys before the party starts: put them at their ease. After that, I am told, things usually take care of themselves and the kind of guys willing to do a wild gay college party won’t have any trouble in getting naked and wild when the time comes.

If you want any inspiration on how these things turn out here are a few sites to view:

Guysgocrazy is my favorite and features all male orgies in high quality filming from three cameras per party.

Many bars and music clubs have themed nights. You may not think of these as being clubs as such but in a way they are. If you have a thing for a particular fetish you will probably find a disco or nightclub that has a fetish themed night. Here you’ll meet up with guys into the same kinds of things as yourself and, if the themed night is a regular occurrence, with a little social networking you’ll soon find a new circle of friends sharing a similar interest. And that’s exactly what a club is, isn’t it?

So, you may be asking, if sex clubs are places for guys to have sex in public what’s the difference between that and a cruising area or even a brothel? Well for a start at a sex club you don’t pay your partner for the sex. Everyone is there for the same thing and you shouldn’t hand over any cash apart from perhaps a door entry and a bar bill. Cruising areas are outside places where guys go for anonymous sex but these can often present dangers; being caught or being ripped off for example, sex clubs are safer in his respect. It’s worth noting too that some well run and organized sex clubs exist and operate purely as a club for sex (as opposed to being a bar, bathhouse or night club). These may have membership fees, newsletter and will be the kind of club that is set up purely for the fun of the sex, rather than as a commercial venture.

But wherever you go to find your sex, always remember to play rough! Below are some useful links, or simply run and on-line search with the phrase ‘gay sex clubs’ and away you go.