Pink’s New Single ‘Just Like Fire’ – Listen Now!

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pink-newalbumcover-just-like-fire-alice-songPink is finally out with a new single titled ‘Just Like Fire’ to be used in the Disney film “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” The song is co-written with Max Martin, Shellback, and Oscar Holterhe and will be the first original song written for a live action film by Pink.

Pink also recorded ‘White Rabbit’ for the upcoming movie’s marketing campaign which releases in May 2016. On April 15, 2016, the release of the new single ‘Just Like Fire’ will be Pink’s first single in three years. We haven’t heard anything from Pink since she did the theme song for ‘The Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Pink has sold more than 60 million albums, 130 singles and 2.4 million DVDs. LISTEN BELOW: Continue reading Pink’s New Single ‘Just Like Fire’ – Listen Now!

Pensacola Beach Memorial Day Weekend 2016

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memorialdaypensacolabeachemeraldcitypensacolaMemorial Weekend is coming up starting May 26th of this year in Pensacola. We have been going to this event annually and of course it’s in our Top 5 events of the year not to miss. The reason as you can see in past posts on Gay Memorial Day Weekend that thousands of people a re camping on the beach and having the time of their life.

You can also go to the man made city of Las Vegas for Matinee but why would you want to do that when more people are in Pensacola and it’s mostly hot southern boys. Did we mention there is a real beach? Not some man made concrete pool where you have to order bottle service for a place to lay in the sun or even sit down. With the Pensacola Beach the gays take over during this weekend you don’t have to pay anyone to put up a tent and can goto temporary tent venue to tent venue partying it up from sunrise to sunrise. You will also want to make room for the DJ’s playing at Emerald City which is the popular nightclub in Downtown Pensacola.

Emerald_City DJ Lineup Pensacola DJ GauthreauSuperstar DJ Lineup at Emerald City for Memorial Day Weekend:
Thursday, May 26th “Foreplay” with DJ Jay-R
Friday, May 27th “Strip Down” with DJ Blacklow
Saturday, May 28th “Sweat” Dani Toro Dj
Sunday, May 29th “Friction” Glo Blacklight Underwear Party with Joe Gauthreaux
Monday, May 30th “Climaxx” Drink and Drown DJ Jay-R
This venue is located at 406 East Wright Street in Pensacola, FL. You can check out their website at

Where to Stay?
We recommend either setting up a tent on the private beach set up for this weekend across from the Portofino or staying at the Portofino. If you have a tent you may want to consider a hotel as well because you will want a place to regroup each night. There are facilities for bathrooms and showers along the beach but to each his own.

The Portofino Resort is where you will find many gay parties and you can go room to room or their main pool area where they normally have a huge Pool Party event setup each year for this weekend. It’s not an easy task getting a room at the Portofino because you basically have to plan months in advance and you have to book with a 4 day minimum and have two rooms or more. They are more expensive than a regular hotel but not so bad when you split it up with friends.  Other hotels in the area include the Holiday Inn, Hilton and the Hampton Inn right along the beach.

$25 in AirBnB Travel credits – you can find many villas, homes or apartments close to the beach with AirBnb. 
$25 Misterbnb Credit –
Similar to AirBnb but Gay Hosted:
Go here
for a $25 Misterbnb credit on your first stay.
$40 off your 1st purchase of $300 or more on

How to get Around Pensacola Beach and Downtown Pensacola
They do have Taxi’s but now that they offer Uber we recommend taking Uber or Lyft.
Register here to get up to $50 in credits from Lyft towards your first 10 rides.
New Users: Register here to get a $15 credit for Uber towards a Free Ride.
Use promotion code “UberVip4me

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Las Vegas Gay Events 2016

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vegas pool partiesLas Vegas is ranked by some as one of the top leisure destinations for LGBT travels. We for the most part highly disagree as the club scene has went downhill the last few years following the demise of Krave and other high profile gay bars. While it may not be a great place for single people it is a good place for couples and for single people during big event weekends. There are also plenty of hotels, attractions and dining on the strip to enjoy. The top events this year are mostly the same including Matinee Las Vegas, Las Vegas Gay Pride, and the Temptation Pool Parties.

April 22-24. National Gay Basketball Association (NGBA) will host The Coady Roundball Classic which brings 36 LGBT and Ally teams from across the U.S. and Canada to Las Vegas and is the longest running LGBT basketball tournament in the world.

April 28-May 1. Dinah Vegas, An event for lesbians by lesbians returns for its 5th year in Las Vegas. A weekend-long event with cocktail parties, sunshine, and poolside fun. Caesars Entertainment welcomes the ladies in style with live entertainment from a top-tier line up of Lesbian DJs including Dawna Montell, Dirty Kurty, Whitney Day and DJ Du Jour. Event highlights include a headlining performance by former Pussycat Doll Kaya at the Infinity Pool Party inside Flamingo Las Vegas and the always anticipated Vegas White party at Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas. Continue reading Las Vegas Gay Events 2016

Grindr Premium Features We’d Like to See

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grinderhottieshirtlessThere are lots of gay hookup apps out there but we all must admit all we really have time for is the most popular one. So why not make it perfect? New Grindr features we would like to see for premium monthly or yearly subscribers or anyone who uses the app…
1. Not visible to people that have favorited me or still seeing me after I leave a city if I do not wish. This way keeping me visible in what city I’m in at the time.
2. Swipe in Messages. Be able to swipe in message mode down to other messages instead of having to go back and start from the beginning. Biggest complaint!!
3. When I block someone make it actually block them. (May have been fixed)
4. When I delete someone’s message it actually deleted it. Rarely happens… Maybe it’s my phone or a glitch. Looks like they finally got around to fixing this problem.
5. Keep it discreet. Be able to change the very embarrassing image icon that sticks out above all other app images to keep the app discreet. Maybe have a place to toggle the color as well.  Continue reading Grindr Premium Features We’d Like to See

Why Madonna is “Late” for her Concerts

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madonnaarianagrandeThe Queen of Country Music Reba McEntire was not happy when she tweeted out loud about The Queen of Pop Madonna for being 2.5 hours late in Nashville, TN. It was not only Nashville but in Atlanta she was 3 hours “late”. Madonna also angered some drunk fans in Manchester, UK who the Daily Mail claims booed her before she took stage as she was about to go on with Michael Jackson’s song playing in the background. Many of us wonder why Madonna is “late” or is this an anxiety problem, technical difficulties, or even her laughing at everyone sitting there waiting. Below is a great explanation. I will tell you now she loves her fans and is the ultimate perfectionist.

Continue reading Why Madonna is “Late” for her Concerts

Free Entry for Bianca Del Rio and Rachel Platten (3 Packed Club Nights)

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bianca-del-rio-winnerrupaulsJeremy Joseph the owner of the G-A-Y bar and Heaven nightclub is celebrating his birthday this weekend and he’s giving the present of free entry to everyone. You can get a 3 Day FREE ENTRY Wrist Band valid for Thurs 14th, Fri 15th & Sat 16th.

The 3 Day FREE ENTRY Wrist Band is Only Available at G-A-Y Bar On Thursday, January the 14th. Basically you just show up at the front of the popular Soho bar and ask for a wristband or ask one of the bartenders. This will be a huge weekend because not only will the winner of Ru Paul’s drag race appearing but PornIdol-GAYHeaventhey have been promoting the hell out of it since they stopped doing the Porn Idol back in November being closed on Thursdays throughout December.

The wristband includes free entry for the following events:
Thurs 14th Jan – G-A-Y Porn Idol with BIANCA DEL RIO Continue reading Free Entry for Bianca Del Rio and Rachel Platten (3 Packed Club Nights)

Free Entry, VIP Table, and Champagne for your Birthday!

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johnblairbirthdayfreeBirthdays are normally a time to be celebrated as another year comes by especially if you’re just turning 21 and can drink for the first time. You just have to decide if you want to really go out in a big way with a group of friends or do it in a Netflix and Chill kind of way at home. If you really want to go hard we found a way to do it free. It’s your birthday it should be free right?!? But this is the ultimate party for your birthday.

According to a post from Justin Luke of Boiparty on Facebook his weekly event JB Saturdays along with Legendary Party Promoter John Blair are offering an amazing free package at no cost. This sounds too good to be true but it’s not a scam. The only catch is that you need a party of 10 or more and the event is in NYC only once a week. Continue reading Free Entry, VIP Table, and Champagne for your Birthday!

Gay New Year’s Eve 2016 Events

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We make an annual list starting NYE EVENTS so bookmark this page and come back weekly! We may add more each week to the list. New Year’s Eve is the biggest club night of the year only to come after Pride weekend in most cities. Normally everybody comes out for the big gay events and festivities on this night. We have the best spots to go in most major cities.

justinbiebergifsexyWe are on the lookout for the hottest parties to bring in the fabulous new year of 2016. While 2015 has been a fairly exciting year we will for sure end it with a big bang like always!

In past years we have ventured off to Los Angeles for the Masterbeat events and local events. This year may be a bit different because Tigerheat may have something grand planned since it falls on a Thursday this year. It will be interesting to see that they have in mind. Thursday night changes a lot in terms of where we may bring our party. Update to this… Tigerheat will be closed until January 7th so that event will be a no go. The Masterbeat party in LA seems to be where everyone is going.

In Orlando, a Thursday night means Revolution or what is now Southern Nights but I am sure the Parliament House may be the more supreme place to be. If you can travel to Mexico City our favorite DJ of all time, Offer Nissam, is playing there.

gay new years eve 2016 new orleansIn Miami the party could be at House or that Tracy Young Party that pops up every year that we always wish we could attend. DJ Tracy Young Posted that “In a simple attempt to break away from the ordinary New Year’s Eve celebrations, GENESIS has now become the only Miami mainstay New Year’s tradition. GENESIS, New Years Day is the start of incredible new beginnings and 2016 will be spectacular as we celebrate what is yet to come. Each year and for over a decade, the world has taken notice to MIAMI and FEROSH’s GENESIS event. This year’s event is RE-IMAGINED and will be the ultimate start for the New Year as the party transforms into what South Florida is all about…fun, sun, sand, water and of course, lots and lots of hot bodies! Make a Splash at this years amazing new venue The Shore Club. Join Genesis as we take the party outdoors and into the sun bringing this favorite daytime event where it has never before been taken. This years venue promises an over-the-top production, with a performance by Karina Iglesias from NBC’s THE VOICE and world renowned DJ Tracy Young. Join us on this magical journey and celebrate as the world watches how Genesis evolves right before your eyes. ?#?genesis? ?#?newyearsday? ?#?miami? ?#?shoreclub? ?#?ferosh? ?#?foreveryoung? Tickets available:” An outdoors NYE Event!!
Continue reading Gay New Year’s Eve 2016 Events