30 Hottest Gay Clubs In The United States

Everyone will have their opinion on what is the best gay bar or club in the United States or in the world. We have seen gay establishments come and go and it’s rare you see them stick around for as long as The Monster in NYC or Parliament House in Orlando. People get tired of going to the same places if they don’t change things up or have theme parties and there are clubs that have shut down recently because of this.

You also have gentrification of gayborhoods, Grindr, and other factors such as terror or right-wing threats that make it a challenge to stay open with increasing rent. Let’s focus on the gay nightlife that keep it busy at least one or two big nights a week. We posted a long debate about how to keep the gay clubs alive and beating strong.

Newnownext recently compiled a list of the most popular gay bars from data collected by Gravy Analytics but didn’t exactly show anything from that data.  It listed mostly bars and everyone is wondering why so many of the more popular gay hotspots in nightlife are not on the list. Let’s see how we do with the hottest we’ve seen that are still open:

Tracks Denver
They listed X Bar but Tracks is legendary to the gay scene in Denver. While X Bar is a fun place to go out it just doesn’t compare to a Thursday night at Tracks, drag, or a Circuit Saturdays event.

Charlie’s Las Vegas
Piranha Nightclub (But Flair… wait… no Charlies?)
We’d hand them this one but it’s missing out on an extremely more popular place known as Charlies Las Vegas. Piranha Nightclub can be fun when all of the rooms are open but when it’s a small bar with a fireplace it’s not all that.  Flair Nightclub is a newer  up-and-coming place that recently hosted DJ Chi Chi LaRue and the GAYVN boys and has nights such as Industry Thursdays.  Sadly, Krave Nightclub shut down and Las Vegas has lost the mega-club on the strip.

Micky’s Weho
It’s rare you walk by Micky’s in West Hollywood and it be dead. You will normally even find a line outside at 2am since it’s the only afterhours on Fridays and Saturdays. Although, Reflex afterhours is held on some Saturdays for the circuit crowd. Can’t tell you about a place called the Gold coast never heard of it.

The Ritz Bar NYC
This bar needs no introduction with two levels of dance music and a Tuesday college night with DJ Steve Sidewalk. The Ritz is located in the perfect location in the middle of the action right by Times Square so if you’re visiting NYC you’re likely staying by it. While the club is not comparable to Splash or XL Nightclub it’s one of the largest gay bars in NYC. The original list included Atlas Social Club although it failed to also mention Industry, Barracuda, and Hardware. What? Have they been to NY?

The Manor Ft. Lauderdale [FLL Pick]
They mentioned the Ramrod Fort Lauderdale in the original list. Sorry folks, you need to check out the Manor in Ft. Lauderdale which continues the fierceness of Coliseum a legendary club of South Florida that closed down.

Tigerheat – Hollywood, CA
A top 50 bar list listed Rage in Weho and we agree it’s a great dance club and not as pretentious as some. Although if you want to party at the 18 and up crowd then the best bet is Tigerheat Thursdays at Avalon in Hollywood. Rage has kind of lost it’s RAGE.

Club Purgatory
“Located at the Gifford House Inn, Club Purgatory offers weekly themed nights like Thursday’s “Underwear Party” and Friday’s “Retro Dance.” 11 Carver St., Provincetown, Mass.” This is on our to do list.

HoneyPot [Tampa Pick]
Steam Fridays are the best night for this amazing gay dance club in Tampa, Florida. If we could pick a spot to be on a Friday anywhere in the country it would be on the dancefloor at Honeypot. This club makes the list not only because of the big venue but the dance music is not the crap you hear at clubs that cater to the straight instead of the gay crowd!!

Southern Nights Tampa
If you pay attention to other lame lists you may not see the Southern Nights brand on them. You’ll find it and the shade on ours and if you want more shade then catch a show at Southern Nights and amazing dj’s on Saturday in Tampa, Florida.

Parliament House [Orlando Pick]

Parliament House is a gay resort on the Orange Blossom Trail in Florida, United States that includes several bars and hosts performances such as drag shows and concerts. There are 112 rooms in the complex, which encompasses ten thousand square feet, including an outdoor stage, a swimming pool, a beach lakeside, and a huge dance floor on the inside. The resort was established in 1975, and eventually became the most well-known gay resort in Orlando. Concerts include performers such as LeAnn Rimes, En Vogue, Salt & Pepa, and many others who have had #1 dance hits besides your typical RuPaul Drag Race girls. DJ Brianna Lee does a T-Dance each Sunday that will blow your tits off along with DJ Scott Robert who knows his house and can whip up a variety of beats.

Southern Nights Orlando
Another Southern Nights venue worthy of a mention that has a highly popular college night on Thursdays. Southern Nights Orlando was called Revolution for a few years but then returned to its Southern twink roots. The club offers some of the best drag and has some of the bartenders known from Pulse in Orlando.

Station 4 & The Rose Room
Station 4 a mega-club located in Dallas across from the World Famous Roundup Saloon. It doesn’t get packed as much because of the cover and lack of booking DJ talent.  Although they do host quarterly Purple Party dance events that fill up the house. Amateur drag shows on Thursdays then the Rose Room cast on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 3911 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas. The Rose Room is a hot spot in Dallas although be prepared for the bachelorette parties going on and dildo themed hats and wedding dresses. If you wanna party with the gays you might be better off at TMC with no cover next door or Round Up Saloon across the street.

Roundup Saloon
This is absolutely a must if you come to visit Dallas, Texas. Seeing two guys couple dance together or dancing beyond freestyle is something you have to try. This is not only a huge country dancefloor but they also play top 40 after midnight. If your thing is gay diva house music that should be played in gay establishments after midnight you may be disappointed in the hip hop. We recommend It’ll Do nightclub in Dallas for house music on Saturday nights and Marty’s Live with DJ Joe Ross or special DJ events or the Eagle if you like music without so much hip hop. The club is free and they offer karaoke each night in the front room, nights where they teach dance lessons, and a big room to play pool.

Dallas Eagle [Dallas Pick]
The Dallas Eagle has proven to be one of the very best Eagle bars in the nation. The space is good, the dance floor is large enough and the men, well, you’re in Texas! This is a club built from the ground up with an outdoor patio bar. drinks, disco dancing, to line dancing, fund raisers and drag shows. Underwear night on Wednesdays is always fun. Also, a leather shop with various items of dress for purchase

Rich’s Houston [Houston Pick]
They mentioned the Blur Bar on Pacific street but Rich’s is far superior as a nightclub. They host the fiercest drag Houston has to offer and amazing dance parties with the top house music Dj’s on Fridays and circuit gay dance music on Saturdays such as DJ Tony Moran and Joe Ross. Rich’s has hit Houston so hard that South Beach which was the #1 dance club before had to shut down this week to “remodel”. Yes, they won our best gay club award years ago…

Roscoe’s Tavern
One of the oldest and most popular gay bars in Chicago. Roscoe’s offers a front bar, side bar, outside patio, and crowded dance floor in the back. You can catch some of the best Dj’s there such as Riley York who does a monthly Britney party. 3356 N. Halsted St., Chicago. Other amazing spots in Chicago are Berlin which has some of the best music, Charlie’s Chicago, and Hydrate which brings in circuit dj’s.

Heretic [ATL Pick]
With the closing of Jungle Atlanta which was one of the best clubs in the United States hands down the city is left with few choices when it comes to dance. The remaining venue is now Heretic located at 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE in Atlanta, Georgia.  Their website claims they have been “Atlanta’s Hottest Gay Owned and Operated Nightclub Since 1991.”

R Place
R Place offers three levels with a view of Pine street below and a dance area on the third floor. 619 E. Pine St., Seattle.

One of the bigger nightclubs in the entire Austin area and it also happens to be a gay club. You’ll find it down the street from Rain on 4th (below) and another great bar OCH (Oil Can Harry’s). The cool place to be at Highland is in the basement on Saturdays when you’re guaranteed to hear dirty house music. This is our Saturday night pick in Austin and they have dancing until 3am for this night. They have a fierce drag show on Friday night you will not want to miss. Also, check out Barbarella’s for great dance music on TuesGays and Saturdays.

Rain on 4th
An upscale gay nightclub with a hip decor, trendy clientele, reasonably priced drinks, and hopping dance floor. 217 W. 4th St., Austin. This is our Austin pick for Friday night if you’re 18+. They also have after-hour until 3am on Saturdays.

“This modern LGBT nightclub (and Tennessee’s sole entry on the list) throws themed evenings and special events like “Red Cup” weekends and the “Lumberjack and Long Johns Party.” 1517 Church St., Nashville.”

Machine Presents theme parties such as Pajama parties and EXTRA! Boston’s 18+ gay dance club with hostess Cynthia Lee Fontaine. The club features an upstairs with a latin night on Fridays and All Gender Bathrooms. 1254 Boylston St., Boston, Massachusetts 02215.

Oz New Orleans [NOLA Pick]
Oz Nightclub is a staple in the French Quarter and open 24 hours a day. While you can also party at the Bourbon Pub across the street the same hours you will find this dancefloor open longer. 800 Bourbon St., New Orleans.

Rawhide 2010
Expect lots of leather, bears, and a dark room at this Crescent City establishment that also hosts a “Black Out Party” the second Thursday every month and “Bring Your Own Meat” night every Wednesday. 740 Burgundy St., New Orleans

Eagle LA
Silver Lake leather bar in LA. 4219 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles..

Tramp’s [OKC Pick]
“(Tramps) OKC’s oldest gay bar packs the boys, girls, senior citizens, someone’s Mom, occasionally a service dog in every weekend thanks to heavy pours, an attitude-free atmosphere, and friendly bar staff. 2201 NW 39th, Oklahoma City” told by Floyd Martin a regular at the bar and the gay mayor of OKC. We should also mention the Copa and Boom in Oklahoma City. If you wish to see amateur drag then check out the Wreck Room.

Palace Miami Beach
Follow the Palace Miami Beach Facebook and you will discover what you are missing out on daily. If you like a fierce drag show while you eat then this is the place. They also have one of the best sound systems possible for dancing on industry night. They have recently relocated from a smaller building.

Twist is featured in the American Crime Story: Versace – but a much exaggerated version of the dancefloor. “There’s never a cover at this beloved South Beach venue that features seven bars, three dance floors and tons of eye candy. 1057 Washington Ave. Miami Beach.”

The Max
Gay dance club located in Omaha, Nebraska. When the Nebraska boys need to let out their gayness on a big dancefloor.

Eagle Houston
Houston’s most popular leather bar and the place to be for Sunday Funday. They have a room upstairs celebrating LGBT history and a shop that has lube to grease things up later. 611 Hyde Park, Houston.

Town Danceboutique
Town Danceboutique is the largest gay dance club in D.C., “offers a two floors of cabaret performance space, a plush lounge, and a hopping dance club. 8th St. NW, Washington, D.C.” This club will be closing down in July so you better enjoy it while it lasts!

Bourbon Pub and Parade
Operating since 1974, this French Quarter LGBT mainstay (above) is ground zero for some of the city’s convivial events: Mardi Gras, the Red Dress Run (above), and Southern Decadence. 801 Bourbon St., New Orleans.

The Abbey
The Abbey which is now joined up with what is left of Here club are the place to be Sunday nights in Weho to dance. You’ll also find career Go Go Dancers and lots of straight girls admiring them and the bartenders have just about every fruit you can imagine at the bar to serve in your drink.  692 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood.

Rich’s San Diego
One of our favorite nightclubs for the gays to party and they bring in some of the best Dj’s from around the world. They feature 2 dance rooms and a VIP room upstairs. During Pride they have a dance stage setup that goes on until 2 or 3am.

Axis Nightclub
Who would’ve known one of the largest gay clubs would be in Columbus, Ohio? A fantastic two-level dance hall to experience yourself when in Columbus for Pride or anytime of the year.

When you think of an amazing dance club you should think where would you like to go celebrate New Year’s Eve or where would you want to go get away from it all. A place that has an ambience, sound, and makes you forget about your office cubicle, ex boyfriend, or exams the day before. A good club takes you into another dimension and doesn’t just have Dj’s that play the #1 songs that repeat on the radio. A good club shows you drag that is not just made for bachelorette party crowds but for the club clientele.

We will try and update this list as often as we can the more we check out gay nightlife across the nation. It may say the Top 30 but it’s not in any order and that is for a headline because we know it’s more than 30 and don’t give a f*ck. Want to read more from folks that actually go clubbing? Check out our international destinations such as Heaven nightclub in London.

Atlantis Gay Cruise Death Sparks Debate Over Drug Use

While we do not have the entire full story yet we are hearing various reports that there are more than one death on the Atlantis Cruise that is currently at sea. Joel Taylor, who starred in the Discovery show Storm Chasers, has been confirmed dead on the Atlantis gay cruise in the Caribbean. He died of a suspected drug overdose according to TMZ.


The FBI has reportedly launched an investigation into the death and the presence of drugs on the ship: According to TMZ, several people were arrested on drug charges before the boat left Fort Lauderdale.

Porn star couple Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber were also aboard the Harmony. An unconscious Caber was hospitalized the night of Taylor’s death. Gay Daily Hot News (NSFW) reports “Dirk and Jesse had a fight, causing Dirk to get drunk and pass out, only to later discover he had pneumonia, forcing the couple to leave the ship for a Puerto Rico hospital.”

A rep for the boat tells us Taylor was found unresponsive in his cabin Tuesday and law enforcement was alerted when the boat arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, “It appears the death could be an overdose and Joel Taylor was consuming controlled substances.”

A passenger who interacted with Joel tells TMZ, Joel had consumed enough GHB on the dance floor Tuesday that he was rendered unconscious and taken off the dance floor by 2 people and back to his room.

The night actually started out as one memorable night as they had a surprise performance on the ship.

So I am on the Atlantis Gay Cruise on the Harmony of the Seas (which is huge and amazing) and 5500 of us were treated last night to a surprise performance by Olivia Newton John – which made it the largest ever concert at sea in history. I am still spellbound. Just extraordinary. – Bark Bailey

Continue reading Atlantis Gay Cruise Death Sparks Debate Over Drug Use

Why are gay bars dying? How can we bring them back to life?

Eater recently did a documentary on the gentrification of gayborhoods such as Boystown in Chicago which has brought up the topic of gay bars and clubs that have recently closed. Some of these have been major heartbreakers such as Town Dance Boutique in D.C. and Jungle in Atlanta that recently closed down to bring in apartment complexes full of concrete and boxed living. Taking the rainbow out of the fun we could be having in the beautiful night air.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons we are losing gay bars and clubs:
1. Grindr and Hook-up Apps such as Scruff
2. Gentrification
3. Bachelorette Parties with straight girls wreaking havoc leading to worse music being played and more generic drag numbers to please them.
4. Less sexualization. The hard-on is replaced with
5. Bad Music. DJ’s not doing their homework and playing too much mainstream music that is in the Billboard top 10 and not enough of the future gay icons.
6. Gays fit in more at Straight Clubs and Bars now
7. Not keeping up with the trends or re-inventing themselves.

It’s nearly impossible to break into the nightclub niche because of liquor licenses and dance permits and the liability. So you have only a handful of people who get to run everything in every city. Same promoters and the same owners. Hopefully it changes at some point as it’s become too generic and not the exotic club (escape from reality) it could be. Continue reading Why are gay bars dying? How can we bring them back to life?

Portland Could Soon Become Home to Gay Lightlife Again Once Former Ember Dance Space Opens

This summer it’s now official that Portland will get a huge downtown nightclub called Badlands from a Bay Area bar owner 

After years of seeing bars close, downtown Portland’s gay scene will get a big new nightclub as soon as this year.

Last November, Portlanders mourned when nightclub Embers announced it would closeafter 48 years as a bastion of gay culture at the edge of Old Town—an unusually sudden end that came about after the owner suffered what the club called a “massive stroke.”

But the new business owner in the space, TJ Bruce, says he plans to “carry on the tradition” in the former Embers space at 110 NW Broadway by opening a new gay dance club called Badlands, as soon as this summer—although timing will depend heavily on the level of renovations needed.

Bruce is a 20-year veteran opening bars, with another spot called Badlands in Sacramento, plus three different nightclubs called Splash in FresnoSan Jose and Reno. He says he hopes to bring much of the same vibe to the Portland Badlands as at his previous Splash locations. His two-story, video-screen-packed San Jose location was apparently the most popular Lyft location in the Bay Area, potential good news for a Portland gay bar scene that hasn’t seen a high-profile opening in years.

Bruce says it was his local ties that led to him taking over the former Embers space.  “My family lives on the Oregon coast, he says. “I come up here often, and I’ve become enamored with the space.”

Bruce, who also works as a contractor, will do his own renovations on Badlands, and hopes to begin construction within the next couple months.

He also says his new lease gives a strong option to buy the building, allowing him to remain in the space for the long haul. “I plan to put in substantial work,” he says. “It’s about coming up with a plan for the first year, and then a long term plan. It’s a big project.”

This is great news for the LGBTQ community in Portland who love to go out and free themselves to good dance music. Portland has been losing ground lately with an almost non-existent gay scene.

The current bar on the strip called CC’s has been running away customers because many gays have written the place off or been so enraged by the security that they refuse to go back. Those who do still go only do so because no suitable alternative has opened up. It takes CC’s a week to gross what Red Cap Garage used to gross on Saturday night alone, and it is all because of arrogance, laziness, and inept management team, and a gestapo security team that needs to be shown the door.
“The only reason we still go is because for whatever reason we care about the place, nostalgia I guess. Also the drag host is great, and I know most of the bartenders so I get fucked up cheap. They always make me doubles for the price of singles. So I get there for 2 dollar happy hour at 10 and have 3-4 doubles for 2 dollars each. Then after that the price only goes up to 5 so I am good the rest of the night.”
The reason they have not-so-talented dancers is because they have done nothing to make the club a place where gays want to to go and want to be seen. Their security has driven everyone away. They are just unbelievably stupid. Like they alway close at exactly 2am even though they could keep the dance floor open until 2:30. They could and should also stay open after hours and charge a cover for dancing like Castros in Austin. The gays are dying for a place to dance in this town. Like I said though, too arrogant, lazy, and stupid to see the forest thru the trees. Hopefully with this new edition to the gay strip we can get more disco queens out to party!

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2018 Gay Events, Circuit Parties & Pride

20 – 27 Jan Arosa Ski Week

20 – 27 Jan Ft. Lauderdale Atlantis Caribbean all gay cruise

21 – 28 Jan Vancouver – Gay Whistler Ski Week

31 Jan – 5 Feb Playa del Carmen -Arena dance music festival arena.mx

9 – 13 Feb NOLA Gay Mardi Gras

9 – 14 Feb Rio de Janeiro Carnival Rio

16 Feb – 4 Mar Sydney Mardi Gras

18 Feb – 1 Mar Atlantis Auckland to Sydney Atlantis cruise

21 – 26 Feb Antwerp, Belgium Leatherpride

Miami 28 Feb – 6 Mar Winter Party Miami
2 – 11 Mar Gran Canaria Carnival
14 – 18 Mar Elevation Mammoth gay ski week
28 Mar – 3 Apr Berlin Easter leather and fetish week
April 2018
13 – 15 Apr Bangkok Songkran Thai New Year Continue reading 2018 Gay Events, Circuit Parties & Pride

One Magical Weekend is Back for Gay Days Orlando 2018

We post each year about one of our favorite events held the first week of June called One Magical Weekend during Gay Days Orlando. One Magical Weekend at Walt Disney World includes three magical days at Disney plus great events such as daytime pool parties. Here you will see some of the hottest and funnest gays from around the world landing on the happiest place on earth. There are several parties and events that take place in the afternoons and evenings at the host hotel properties and other amazing venues at night and afterhours.

From June 1st to June 5th, over 6,000 gays will attend from across the US and the world. The event is being held on the Disney World Resorts property located at the B Resort & Spa. The B Resort will be the host hotel for One Mighty Weekend.

It all begins on Friday, with the first “Therapy Pool Party,” when hundreds of men converge on the pool at the Official Host Hotel, the B Resort & Spa where international DJs will spin the pool deck on into the evening. You will notice one slight change to the one-hour later time this year at the pool parties compared to last year where they start at 12 noon instead of 11 AM and run until 7 PM instead of 6 PM. We welcome this change!

The weekend’s signature event will be Disney’s entire 52-acre fantasy water park, where 6,000 party boys clad in little more than a bathing suit to dance, enjoy the amazing water rides or chill out inside this sprawling theme park. It’s no wonder Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is known around the world.

One Mighty Weekend’s Line Up of Events in Orlando for 2018 are below. Use promo code ORLANDO for 10% Off.

Friday, June 1st

12 PM – 7 PM: Therapy Pool Session #1 @ B Resort & Spa with DJ’s Dj Erik Armiliato And Dj Louis Tham [Tickets] Notice this starts an hour later than past years.
8 PM – 2 AM: Riptide @ Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark with Dj Grind And Dj Toy Armada.  [Tickets] Notice this starts an hour later than past years.
2 AM – 8 AM: Cadabra After Hours With Dj Alyson Calagna
Sun On The Beach Night Club (5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Fl)  [Tickets] Continue reading One Magical Weekend is Back for Gay Days Orlando 2018

Drama Erupts As Major Circuit DJ Blasts GHB

Our lives are filled up and down with bad decisions but also living by the information that the media tells us to live by. We trust the media to tell us what drugs are good because the FDA doesn’t exactly weigh in on our club drugs and there is no way to find out truths to what we are taking. There are organizations such as DanceSafe.org that protects the rave community or the EDM festivals from unsafe drugs. It was Dance Safe that opened up our minds to the truths of GHB.

Recently a Dj known as DJ Paulo mostly in the LA and NYC area mostly went full “you do GHB at my event you get banned”. Wow. No mention of all the other drugs? And are we talking B or G or GBL? No mention of Tina? We do love DJ Paulo and find it odd he would post this but we do share the same fact that people need to respect their venues and respect their own lives and enjoy the music more without overdoing it with an overdose or strong cocktail of drugs.  Continue reading Drama Erupts As Major Circuit DJ Blasts GHB

Cher to Headline Mardi Gras 2018? White Party Palm Springs Headliner 2018?

We constantly hear rumors about the music legend and pop goddess Cher. This time it involves two oh-so-fabulous rumors involving mega-gay festivals.

A google search tipped off by a suspicious Facebook post this morning reveals a VERY interesting article posted a few hours ago by KIIS FM:

It’s almost like an Apple leak though because the story is mysteriously absent from the KIIS website! The excerpt from google is pretty detailed. It’s not like Cher has not played NYC Pride a few years back and has been a gay icon since the Sonny and Cher show. This will be the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Mardi Gras so they will absolutely have someone as big as Cher if not her. Continue reading Cher to Headline Mardi Gras 2018? White Party Palm Springs Headliner 2018?