18 and up clubs?

Why is it that most clubs are 21 and up?  Actually if you goto straight clubs they are normally 18 for girls and 21 for guys… talk about discrimination. But the guys like the younger girls to come in the club for the “scenery”.  Which ends up making more money for the clubs in drink sales.

I always wanted to sue the clubs that I could not get in at age 18 because of that kind of punishment for being 18 and not being able to get in a club that girls could parade around in.  They get away with it so we just have to deal with it.

But what makes clubs 21 to enter?  Well they have to worry about selling alcohol to minors and that is a big worry since police and the alcoholic beverage commissions are on the lookout constantly.

It takes extra money to hire extra security to look out for underage drinkers.  Undercover security that is that is always on the prowl to bust you drinking underage at the club.  If you are not slick with it you will get busted and kicked out for a long period of time if not until you are 21 which is the norm.

There are many clubs that are 18 and up and we feel that most clubs should be. We also feel it should be 18 to drink since its 18 to enter the military.  If you can fight for this country you should be damn well able to buy cocktails or beers and hang with the big dogs.

The liquor laws of countries differ and The U.S. expects you to fight in War but not be able to drink.  There is nothing cool about that. You can drink in France and Mexico just to name a few.  But no drinking in the United States if you are under 21.

Gaypartyblog.com is looking out for the 18-30 crowd and we always know where the party will be next.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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