18+ Night in Las Vegas

Are their any 18 and up clubs in Las Vegas for gays? Well we just found one now that Crush has started the 18 and up events on Fridays which are supposed to be similar to Tigerheat and the OC’s Club Lucky. Each Friday you can party at The Hard Rock Casino right by the Fruit Loop a brilliant location.

VICIOUS is the new event by CRUSH for all anyone 18+ and is also smokefree which is sometimes hard to get in Las Vegas Nightclubs. It premieres Friday, October 8, so I have not had the chance to hear the DJs, Slynkee and Ms. Lisa who will spin along with CRUSH GoGo’s. Hollywood host Momma and a special performance by youtube king Cazwell will be on hand for the premiere.

All we have to say is it’s nice to finally have an 18 and up night in Las Vegas for the gays.  Friday nights should be perfect which is already my fav night to go out in the city of endless lights.  If you are new to Vegas make sure you check out Krave and Piranha as well on Saturday nights.  You may also see what discounts they have at the Hard Rock Casino and stay close to the area!

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