Amsterdam for the Happy

We recently took a European tour and were loving every minute of Amsterdam.  Just walking down the streets I think its either people and their happiness or the smell of pot in the air that makes you feel super high in the daytime.  It is a unique atmosphere that you do not see in many places around the world with all the bicycles and people walking around.  It just seemed like a happy Disney place to me and I could have stayed there a few days longer if we did not have a train to catch the next day.

The club scene was about what I had heard it pretty much died down at 1am which is far too early for me.  We had to go back and nap after running around all day and was hoping we would find a good club to goto around Midnight or 1am and the afterhours club on the night we were there was closed down due to a “drug bust” or something?  A place called CockRing.  The club was boarded up so we walked over to this other bar that was tiny but played good music until 1am when we had to surrender our drinks.

There were a few places that had closed down that we did not get to check out the Club Blue which had a Jeans wearing party on Thursday nights.  It supposedly was the place to be during the weekdays and did not have the 1am time limit.  Hopefully we can check it out next time. We also hear that ARC is closed.  Next time we plan on checking out Club Exit, Club Roque, and Stereo and the weekly parties Blue on Thursdays, HOMA and Trut.

Amsterdam Pride was just a week or so before we were there and looking at the pics they had Tony Moran at an event called Air that looked like a good crowd attended.  Amsterdam Gay Pride 2011 will be Ausgust 4 to 7th.

A must see in Amsterdam is the Red Light district with women popping out of windows – really its quite amusing.  I just wonder where the ones with boys are.  Also see the Sex Museum and the beautiful canals and take a bike ride around town!

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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