Spending Cards to Show Off

madonna image cardWith the biggest days of the shopping season upon us I thought I would write something related. I found many cool sites with lots of club type fashion but more than that I found something to shop cooler with. Whether you are shopping at Hollister, The Buckle, Macy’s, or even Armani Exchange you can show off your cool credit card or just show your friends.

I found cards made just for the NYC or Chicago nightlife lovers from American Express. If you do not live in these big cities mirror ball cardthen get a even cooler card from Discover that features a disco ball from the 70’s groove time or pick from a card that brings you back to the hippie van days. If you are going to get all dressed up to go out then why not have the unltimate accessory… a fabulous credit card. You get to pick the special edition cards from Discover once you apply or if you already have a card just call them and tell them you want the disco ball or the hippie van card. Yup, its pretty gay but its fun!

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