Atlanta Pride 2012

It was our first year to cover Atlanta Pride and did we have a blast! If you think hot backwoods boys when you travel over to Georgia well some are but it is mostly the city boys we encountered. Whether you are into buff or twink you will find some handsome and beautiful boys in this town. The weather was perfect around 70 degrees and a little humid in the daytime then chilly at night. Just perfect for a pride party weekend.

We started out drinking it up at the Midtown W hotel bar. They had the hotel decked out for pride with a illumination when you walked inside of a rainbow W and a martini glass. Just make sure you are prepared for the high drink prices in that bar. It was $17 for a Vodka Absolut. We then walked over to Joe’s to grab dinner. We had some kind of BBQ spicy hamburger that was good but do not order the salsa or the queso for that matter. It is certainly a place to meet boys though. There were boys all over Joe’s. It certainly was where the hottest twinks in Atlanta hang out. We then headed over to see MyFlexRadio over at Blake’s on the Patio they also played during pride outside in the parking lot for the after party. Blake’s had a line like you could not imagine for such a narrow two level bar. It would have taken hours it seemed to get inside as long as it was. That is a good thing for them though!

Heretic was great Friday night as well it had a massive line as you can see from the images. Jungle featured big Dj’s all weekend including Tony Moran and Rosabel for the closing party. Sunday night was a surprise because we did not expect the clubs to be open on Sunday nights due to some Atlanta law we had heard about but maybe that had changed because the liquor store was even open on Sundays until 8pm!! We loved that!

The Pride Parade Sunday was great there were definitely some interesting floats in it such as the polygamy float, the no bullhorns float, and the anti-circumcision float. One was holding up signs saying it is not ok to cut boys penis tips off while the bull horn float we did not understand exactly what that meant it looked like a picture of an elephant so we were left in confusion if it was an ad against gay republicans.

Atlanta is such a beautiful city and the gay scene seems to be coming back after a complete shut down several years ago when Backstreet closed its doors at its legacy bookstore shut its doors at 10th and Piedmont. The Midtown area seems to be thriving and we have to say we are still hoping for a CLUB to hit the midtown area so we do not have to drive all the way over to Heretic and Jungle which are in such bad areas.

We were kind of surprised that the Atlanta gay scene does not embrace the 18 to enter at Jungle and Heretic anymore. We did notice that the party on Sunday night at the Opera which was advertised as a retail price of $60 to enter and quickly marked down on a social site to $30 was 18 and up. They were charging so much for this party though no one could afford to attend on the last day of Pride weekend. Can you imagine spending all your money from pride weekend then paying $30 for a party which was competing with Jungle for $20 with Rosabel djing. Opera was an amazing venue but it should have been promoted better and should have been $10 or $15 to enter. Not $20 and not $30 and certainly not $60.

We also were surprised of some of the theft in Atlanta. A friend of ours had his wallet stolen from a guy who was soliciting outside of Club Eros. He was driving a white Chevy but we could not get a clear photo of his license plate this was a black man in his late 30 or early 40s. He went inside the Club Eros as if he was a regular and seemed to know the people at the front and then tries to give people rides outside the club where he then will find a way to steal belongings. Be careful when going there because of thugs such as this.

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