Atlanta Southern Scene

We certainly love our gay Southern boys who we normally meet at places like Pensacola Beach Memorial Day Weekend or sometimes we see these boys from the South crop up at Gay Days.  What is even better is when we see the Atlanta scene ourselves now and then and get to eat some of the food and kick back some beers at places like Blake’s.

The Atlanta club scene has majorly changed since it once had the Charlie Brown drag show and Backstreet nightclub.  The liquor laws and the dance laws and all kind of tea laws may have even passed since then.  Now there are so many small and bed-filled places in Atlanta we are not sure which is a club or a bed and breakfast. At least those places behind Jungle seem to be maybe a bathhouse but one is an afterhours and we still are not sure what all the King Sized beds and the dancefloor represent.  It was a cool afterparty for the event we attended but no one knew what that was about.

The highly ranked Atlanta bars consist of Sip’s, The Eagle, Blakes, Friends neighborhood bar,  and Burkhurts pub and many more lined up and down the Midtown area or spread around some.  The Atlanta gay stripper bars where they get down to their bare bussoms and show off their wild snakes that appear out of their pants come at a few places.  One pleace that everyone seems to know about is Swinging Richards where you find half straight dancers or a majority staight dancers with lots of straight women tipping them,  You also have some gays dancing there and all the dancers are willing to go back to a $20 table dance in the back or a $10 dance at your indoor table.  The other club is a bit more twinkish it is called BJ’s Rooster which must been they have more twinkier boys compared to the meaty men you find over at Swinging Richards.  The SR guys are mostly the ones you wuold expect in Chippendales and the BJ’s may be more thugish or Zac Efron like twink and pretty boys you would like to get frisky with for the night.

The Main Club now is Jungle and they have big name DJ’s such as Tony Moran, Peter Rauhaufer, and Tracy Young all in the months of June, July, and August,  You will see 18 and up boys ranging from Helix models to 24 yr old bankers out ready to get the party on.  They do a small drag appearance during the night to a song such as Adele then beat the music hardcore the rest until 3am close.

Heretic has been in Atlanta for years and is known for its diverse crowd.  One night you may find bears galore inside there and find yourself in a relationship you did not even know existed.  Heretic some night can be bears and cubs but others can be mixed with some twinks and oldschool music such as Deborah Cox and more of a circuit vibe,

One great thing about the weekend we attended was the Joining Hearts charity was befitting from most of the parties being thrown and they had a sold out pool party that went on all day until 11pm with DJ Seth Cooper playing his heart out underneath the fireworks.

When you stay on Sunday in Atlanta beware you cannot drink after 12 or so.  This puts a big damper on any fun pool or T-Dance events going on during this timeframe.  Although Thursday nights are college nights at Jungle and it seems to be the best night to pick up on that hot southern boy you have been after on that special night.

The Midtown area has the W hotel, Renaissance hotel, Marriott Suites, and even a hidden gem of the Residencce Inn that all seemed to have good deals when staying here.

Gay Pride in Atlanta changes up every year but their 41st event will be in Piedmont Park in October 8 – 9.

What more should we expect from Atlanta in the next year or so as more gays and lesbians grow into this area?  I would like to see the clubs more focused in one area where they are not so spread out which would save on traffic stops and parking problems.  The clubs do mainly close at 3am which is nice to drink after 2am but at the same time they take the Sunday drinking away.  Atlanta is a great city and they have really stepped up downtown with the shopping, restaurants, and nice hotels for us gays to want to keep coming back for more.

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