Best Drag Performances of 2006

Daisy Deadpetals performing Madonna Hung Up

I want to give it up to Daisy DeadPetals or Daisy D of Ft. Lauderdale. She is just amazing to watch at Coliseum and the Voodoo Lounge on Sunday Nights. Her best performance I was lucky enough to see was on New Years Eve at

Daisy Deadpetals performing at Voodoo Lounge

Coliseum nightclub singing to Madonna’s Hung Up. I love performances that have backup dancers it makes it seem like you are really at Madonna’s concert. Daisy D wore an outfit that looked just like the one featured in Hung Up and really got the crowd energized.

I also thought Whitney Paige had a great performance in Dallas this year to a Whitney Houston song. She feel to the ground and threw off her heels and just went wild and the crowd went wild too. The performance from Whitney Paige on a few Saturday nights at Station 4 definitely made the crowds hair stand up.

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