Boys in Foam

What exactly is a foam party? It really depends what club or event you are attending. It can be boys in underwear going in circles around in the foam like at the P-house during Gay Days or could be like the Insomnia afterhours in Dallas where you have guys and girls dancing their asses off to incredible dj’s submerged in foam. Either way you need to loose your shirt or you will never see it again and bring a Ziploc bag for your cell phone and other things that could get wet. The foam will make you wet inside and out.

I was scared to get into the foam the first time I did at an afterhours club. People told me it was a cess pool of diseases and that’s really far from the truth. Some people are really scared of their own shadows. Yeah if you walk into a public place such as Hurricane Harbor or the bath house and have an open sore you are kind of risking catching a bacterial infection but its overly exaggerated. I have been in quite a few foam parties and never caught anything and have been in some in my times!

The hottest foam parties I have been to have been at the Parliament House in Orlando where they have one out back of the resort near the beach area of the parking lot. I think if it was not such a worry to the sound and equipment you would see more foam parties. I am sure they have their way of keeping it from ruining things though besides your clothing which it mostly washes out of if you can find your clothes when you are done!

Upcoming Foam Parties:
Krave Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV – for gay pride they are having a foam party this Sunday, May 3rd with DJ Morningstar. Bring your swimsuit!

Parliament House Orlando, FL – All during gay days celebration there will be foam parties each night in the rear of the hotel. You might find some hot touchy feely going on and some male models in the big foam bubbles swimming with you. You might even move the foam around and see someone you know from your hometown (that’s what happened to me). It’s like a soap opera if you know what I mean.

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