Britney Spears spotted at Gay Vegas Nightclub

You have probably heard of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton spotted at nightclubs lately but now the diva has been spotted twice this week at gay clubs.  The GayVN expo and Hustlaball had their final party tonight at Piranha Nightclub in Vegas and Britney Spears walked in to shock everyone.  We have heard from Krave nightclub she was originally supposed to go there but decided to make an appearance at Piranha where she partied it up in V.I.P. Cabana number two.  The security escorted her around everywhere so we could not even get a picture.  Which everyone should let her party without all the hassle anyway.

We were happy to see Britney come out and party at Club Piranha tonight and hope she comes out again.  It certainly made everyones night.  She was also spotted at Club Tigerheat last Thursday night in Los Angeles.  Piranha nightclub and 8 1/2 also had an appearance from Janet Jackson last month.  This seems to be the new place in Vegas for celebrities to be seen.

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