Cher to make Live Appearance at NYC Club for Grand Opening of Thursday Party

marqueenightclubNYCfloorGay Pride for NYC is going to be Epic and not only because gay rights could be decided on just before the Parade but because Cher will be making her comeback! Cher knows how to make a comeback! If anyone knows how to make a comeback it is the NYC club scene that went from mega clubs to lounges back to mega clubs. Cher has two shows now in NYC for Pride… one show at the Pier party following the Pride parade Sunday then another appearance or show at the new Thursday Night party called “Q Thursdays” at Marquee.

chermarqueeIt looks to be a big venue judging from the photo we found on Instagram with hot laser lighting and a huge disco ball. We know Cher will love this as it resembles her “Believe” video. The club also seems to resemble the setup of Crowbar or Cameo in South Beach Miami. It will be interesting to check this place out and see what it looks like in person!

The Thursday night party that is premiering this night will be the grown-up version of Twenty Sommething Thursdays which was formerly held at XL Nightclub. It seems the promoters are not backing down at making it an Epic separation from the former XL partnership. We still have no word on what they plan to counter this with but what could be more Epic than Cher?

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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