Chris Crocker Topping Brent Everett?

Now then, this may take some getting your head around. Did you ever catch that wonderfully disturbing You Tube video, put out in September 2007, by a (then) lad called Chris Crocker? The one where he begs desperately for everyone (the press I guess) to ‘leave Britney alone!’ If you didn’t then you need to go and view it. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales scam on anyone’s part, just some background to what is a strange yet interesting story. Oh, and nearly 40 million people have now seen the video, so you are not alone.

After this video hit the airwaves, Chris Crocker, the hysterical, upset, crying, screaming, young ‘queen’ doing the rather disturbing pleading, became something of a celeb, attending talk shows and of course also being ridiculed n the press. He rose above all that, made his appearances, rode the press wave and then settled down again. And, it seemed, grew up. Because the recent news is that Chi Chi LaRue has snaffled him for a part in a gay porn flick. Chi Chi has seen potential in young Chris and this news kind of grabbed me and made me sit up slightly. I mean, the tear-spouting screamer of the ‘leave Britney’ video in porn? This I gotta see.

I did some background on this and tracked down an image of Chris as he is now. ( And, well, what a change. Ok, so I suspect there is still the potential for some of that queeny hysteria underneath his sultry, farm-boy looks and poses, and I notice that he knows how to swish his hips when showing off his ‘boy pussy’ (his words), but there is certainly something sexy about him right now. But is this rumor about the porn flick really true?

I asked around and got some of my adult webmaster colleagues to give some views through a message board, and the reaction was quite interesting. The first news came in that he was going to be, in his up-coming porn movie, fucking Brent Everett. Stop right there and back track. Brent Everett! I think what startled many of the webmasters was the fact that he was going to top Brent. “Nothing personal, I’m just shocked hearing that Chris Crocker being a top in a porn film lol.” Said one.

There was also some discussion about the fact that Chris declares on his blog that he is 100% top, and then goes on to say that he loves his ‘boy pussy,’ a term that some webmasters take offense to. But I think more offense was taken to the fact that he was going to play top to such a hunk as Brent. Will such a pairing work? Has, perhaps, Chi Chi gone slightly over the edge with this one? Is it a publicity stunt?

Well, who knows, and who knows when we will be able to see the actual video, if it ever gets made. But there is certainly some consensus of agreement among other industry professionals that it’s going to be interesting viewing: A once ‘drag queen’ known for sobbing his heart out live on camera, and then showing it to around 40 million people, pleading through tears and hysterics for us to all leave Britney alone, and then, a few years later, turning up as a re-styled ‘hunk.’ And not only that, then being matched up with one of the top porn jocks of the day and then, as if that wasn’t hard to believe enough, being given the top role. Well, it all sounds like potential car-crash TV to me.

But hey, let’s just hope that half way through Brent tries to flip him over and Chris gets to shout out ‘leave my boy pussy alone!’ in that butch, masculine voice of his. Ahem.
All in all it seems Chris Crocker and Britney Spears are both doing well these days.

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