Clubs that bully patrons into minimum bar tabs

This is illegal when it comes to MasterCard and Visa rules.  It is against their rules.  The club should not be allowed to take credit cards when they bully patrons into this.  Here is the problem… You go into a club and the bartender tells you he must hold your id and your credit card and you must buy a minimum of $60 in drinks.  This happens way too often in Miami at clubs like Discotekka .  The problem with this is not only will this be a quick way for the club to go out of business fast it will also be a way for the credit card companies to be contacted and stop any transactions in that club.  Discotekka should be seized of all credit card transactions for using this bait and switch tactic.

I was at Discotekka last night in Miami which is located downtown and is a 18 to enter gay club on Saturday nights with 3 rooms.  I walked in two different rooms which had a broken ATM machine.  The ATM in the front was down and the one by the bathroom was out of order.  This should have alerted the bartenders that hey they should not charge this minimum of drinks.  Listen you jerks… if your ATM is broke you should not charge us a minimum for drinks or require a minimum of a ridiculous $60 or so.  Living Room the bitchy club in Ft. Lauderdale also requires this and their ATM was broken as well.

The ironic thing is that one of the bouncers was outside at Discotekka having people sign this petition to stop the clubs from being closed at 3am instead of being open later.  Well who cares when your clubs are open if you cannot even get a drink because your ATMs and your credit cards policy is so scandalous.  You guys need to learn how to run a business better and treat your customers better.

I will say that Discotekka was a fun club once you get past all the rules of the bars.  They had three rooms with dancefloors and one semi-outside bar to break away from all the smoke.  They had a drag show performed by TP Lords and a nice VIP section.  It is located not far from ParkWest and Space in Downtown Miami.

We also noticed that Mansion did the same thing in Miami.  Their ATM machines were out of service and yet you had to have a $40 minimum tab to open a credit card.

One Miami alert from the weekend is that police are randomly stopping or profiling gay clientele at Club Aqua at 2991 coral way.  Someone made a rather dramatic post about this but we cannot confirm that this is going on at this Aqua Club (which I have never heard of).  Stick to supporting  the gay clubs!

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