Two-Step the night away

Sordid Lives has me wanting to do some two-steppin’. Yee Haaaa!

While we often see the stereotype of gay clubs featuring techno dance music, there are other options out there and more and more people are seeking out something new for their nights out. If you would rather wear your jeans and boots for a night on the town, gay country dancing clubs might be a good fit for you. While deciding to take the new man in  your life two stepping at the local country bar is possibly a bad idea, you can find gay country clubs and groups to let you do everything from line dancing to two stepping in a comfortable and inclusive environment. Many will even teach you, or perhaps someone cute will take pity on you and take you for your first twirl on the dance floor.

If you are looking for a gay country club, check your local clubs. In many big cities, you will find clubs exclusively devoted to two stepping and line dancing. Maybe they offer a country night. Have you asked for one? Many club owners will offer this fun option if they know their patrons want it. If you are looking for listings for some of the best gay country western clubs, offers their list of the ten best at There are gay country clubs in many southern and southwestern cities, allowing opportunities to socialize, dance and hang out with friends.

You might also try, the International Association of Gay/Lesbian Western Dance Clubs to find a club near you that offers line dancing, square dancing or other country dances. You can even find gay country dance competitions through this organization and, the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. If you are looking for country dance lessons, you may find that you have to call around to multiple dance studios to find one that is inclusive and welcoming. If you have a local club, they may even offer classes. Taking a few lessons is a great way to improve your dance skills. Country dance is a great way to keep fit and make new friends or even perhaps meet someone special.

If you’re more country than city, you might also be looking for friends with shared interests. is one possibility for social connections on the gay country scene.

What to wear? Well, fortunately the uniform at a two stepping gay bar is easy. Jeans, preferably tight, cowboy boots, and a hat if you dare. Keep in mind that if you’re dancing a lot, you may get warm and might prefer something a bit more comfortable rather than quite so snug.

Top Four Gay Country Hot Spots to Consider

  1. Round-Up Saloon Dallas, TX – Music turns to top 40 around midnight on Saturdays
  2. Charlie’s Chicago, IL – The coolest afterhours in Chicago after you take those boots off!
  3. The Finish Line inside the Habanna Inn Oklahoma City, OK – There are some friendly folk in this joint!
  4. Rainbow Cattle Co. Austin, TX

One thought on “Two-Step the night away”

  1. Better list for gay country dancing ethusiats would be:

    1. Scandals Saloon, Wilton Manors, FL – in-the-know line dancers!
    2. Round-up Saloon, Dallas, TX – fast & furious, but turns pop at midnight
    3. WildMustang, Atlanta GA – new replacement for the ol’ Hoedowns
    4. Charlies, Chicago, IL – small dance floor, but good music (fri/sat only)
    5. Oil Can Harry’s, Los Angeles, CA – hot friday night spot
    6. Bad Lands, Las Vegas, AZ
    7. Sundance Saloon, San Fran., CA – great dancers, but needs weekend venue!

    Definitely a new resurgence of interest in gay country dancing! If you like your aerobic activity with hot and sweaty men – better head to your nearest gay country bar – nothing like it!

    Happy Dancin’ Y’all!


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