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danielcampusshirtless-madonnajumpThe year of 2007 went by way too fast. I am not sure why Madonna thinks time goes by so slowly because it seems like I was writing a dance chart for 2006 was just yesterday. There have been many songs at the clubs this year that made my adrenaline get pumped up on the dancefloor.  I think one of the greatest highs came from a top 40 song released from that most gorgeous girl Rihanna’s Umbrella. Umbrella came out at a time when I was out of town and had a friend try to commit and it really helped me release things dancing to this song and though about him.  I think its a great song that has so much meaning about friendship or love. I think any song with amazing lyrics or a beat that helps you release stress or dance away frustrations is what I like to hear most in a club or in the car.

Not only did I hear lots of good dance music in the club this year but on Sirius Radios The Beat channel which played lots of great music including good Madonna mixes.  I bought a new car this year that had XM Radio and it sadly did not have this Beat channel but had a dance station called BPM which is comparable but not good enough “ it is more non-vocal and less gay divas.  I miss my divas such as Kristine W (  The BPM does have some good mixes of the new Cascade song “When It Hurts”, and the new Paul Van Dyk song.

The American Idol contestants took over the awards shows and over the mainstream billboard charts but they did not take over the dance floor this year.  No American Idol has surpassed the club play of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone,”which I think is one of the best energetic club songs of all time- everyone dances to that song!. Although, Jordin Sparks Tattoo remix and Change by Kimberley Locke were great club plays.

Some of the coolest new sounds were from Ida Corr Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand Remix) and Round & Round (Electro Edit) from Mischa Daniels.  I also liked Peter Rauhofer’s version of Say It Right.

  1. Gimme More (Paul Oakenfold remix) – Britney Spears
  2. Umbrella (Rafael Lelis Club Remix 2007)- Rihanna
  3. Walk Away (Tony Moran Mix) – Kristine W
  4. U + Ur Hand (Bimbo Jones mix) – Pink
  5. Jump (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) – Madonna
  6. White Lies – Paul Van Dyk Featuring Jessica Sutta
  7. Everybody Dance (Tony Moran) – Deborah Cox
  8. Do It (HCCR Remix) – Nelly Furtado
  9. LoveStoned (Tiesto remix) – Justin Timberlake
  10. Rehab – Amy Winehouse tied In My Arms (Bimbo Jones) – Plumb

Hot Picks for 2008

  • Cascada “ What Hurts The Most
  • Britney Spears  “Toy Soldier”
  • Inez – Stronger (Jody den Broeder Remix)
  • Madonna releases a new album (Spring 2008)

If you have not done so already you may want to buy a cd from since they are closing them all out to build their future site of downloads only. I noticed the cd’s are only $10 bucks each featuring lots of good stuff you cannot find on the radio or on your local myspace player.

Please Don’t Stop The Music =)

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2 thoughts on “Dance Mix in 2007”

  1. Ida Corr “Let Me Think About It ” should be in the top 5!!

    The best performance of the year in terms of Circuit events was Deborah Cox. That girl can sing!

    It will be interesting to see what the clubs play as the final countdowns… I think last year was Skakira as #1 at Rage which I didnt think should have even ranked!!

  2. You mean Shakira. Yes, she was #1 last year but this year was Rihanna. Of course, the 2006 year Madonna should have been number 1 over Shakira. But are those djs even billboard reporters.. prob not..

    I also meant to include “Everybody’s gonna love today” on the list by Mika (or at least mention it). For some reason I thought Sister Scissors sung that Love Today song.

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