DC Club Scene Part II

Part II of the Washington D.C. Club scene weekend we started out at an afterparty at Duplex Cafe.  This had to have been the most packed place I have ever seen with an exception of Terminix in Prague that was over-capacity.  I mean seriously it was a little too busy for the small cafe it was with that big crowd.  But it was a beautiful crowd in many ways it was hot boys dressed up as trannies for the Adam’s Morgan pageant. Let’s just say the drag queens were turning us on because they were sexy like that. It was so busy we could only stay there for a bit and could barely hear the music but the DJ was pumping out some good stuff from what we could hear. There were chicks dressed up like Pan Am stewardesses and some dressed up just being hot. People were just really preparing for Halloween festivities. Duplex is normally a place to dine located in the Dupont area and has a busy Thursday night as well.

We then cabbed it over to Town club for a retro night with a drag queen who was tired of standing out in the rain. He was showing us pics of him out of drag and we were quite impressed but we never saw him again inside the busy Town club. Town was great for the Saturday just as good as Friday. It was a special retro party with 70s 80s and 90s music mixes upstairs and downstairs.

Sunday night we took a town car provided by Ziegfeld Secret’s or ZS as it says on the building. The Gay area is located mostly near the 17th street near Dupont circle but Ziegfeld Secret’s is in the old part where Nation and Wet used to be near. It can take up to 20 min for that ride because it is a bit far from the Dupont circle. It may be a bit scary looking but once inside it is fun. The guys are totally nude and they feature a shower and a upstairs and downstairs of bare men. The only problem is its only good on Friday and Saturdays and maybe Military night and shirtless themed nights during the week. Sunday was pretty dead and only the upstairs was open with not even shower action so we busted out of there hoping to find a busy Sunday night place.

It turns out Washington DC does not have a Sunday night place at all. Now every city has its different rules, laws, and popular places for Sunday night but DC should just shut down on Sundays since it was entirely dead everywhere. In Atlanta they are forced to shut down at Midnight but it may be like DC in that not many go out that night. Cities like Dallas party hard on Sundays but are lame on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We even asked if there was a straight club to dance at on Sunday and no one seemed to know. Possibly on weekends like Columbus Day they may have a Sunday night event. The daytime is your best bet for Sunday Funday at places such as Duplex Cafe.

We are still not sure if they have a college night anywhere on Thursday nights. We read online the place they had it before closed down and did not hear of any mentions of a college night but we do know that Fridays are 18 and up at Town.

Overall DC has one of the best clubs in the Nation and in the Nation’s capital with so many professional gays, lobbyists, HRC officers, and leaders in the LGBT cause its certainly a great city to socialize and meet a possible husband. I would not want to pay taxes or live in DC though as if they were a state they would rank #1 in taxes.

The mainstream hotels in the Dupont area include the Marriott Courtyard, Residence Inn, and the Doubletree by Hilton. We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton and got charged a $200 room clean fee I guess for the plant that fell on the floor… oops. Damn $200 for a plant that falls on the floor. They should be crediting my room for the non-working heater.

Donovan House, Palomar, The Dupont Hotel are some of the gay stays near Dupont circle in Washington DC. The Helix had the most fascinating entrance but we have yet to stay there.  These are nice that they are walking distance to places like Whole Food’s and JR’s.  You can even walk over to take pics of the Capital.

Can’t wait to visit DC and dance at Town again soon!


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