Discotekka Downtown Miami

Man this was one crazy performance by T.P. Lords.  T.P. is one of the hottest performers in South Florida and always knows how to entertain and shock you! Talk about “For Your Entertainment!”.  Yes, she is wearing a mirror ball for her entire head.  Very party monster meets Lady Gaga meets South Florida.

We really loved the 18 and up Discotekka club located just blocks from Space and other downtown Miami clubs.  It was busy and had three dance rooms.. oh wait I think that was 4 dance rooms.  The main room had a stage with drag performances every hour or so.

There was a room with gogo dancers, hip hip room, latin-ish room, and an outside area to smoke and cool off from the sweaty dancefloor. Lot’s of nice VIP.  Discotekka had many hot boys but did have its problems as we saw with the ATM issue.

Heres a pic of the Discotekka dancefloor as you can see some hotties making out in the right hand corner and notice the amazing mirror balls hanging down low.

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